Hi ladies,

Here I am on CD35 and have yet again managed to convince myself that I could be pg, well I could be but your know! Last cycle went up to 39 days so I'm determined not to poas until CD40 if nothing before. A week ago I felt like I was out as we haven't BD'd regularly and no idea as to O dates etc but as usual I am now thinking what if! I swear I could not even BD once and convince myself :lol:

I have had some weird twinges/cramps in my stomach but I know I've had that before and put it down to gas. It always gets me over excited though, don't know why as it hasn't lead to anything before :roll:

One thing did happen though but think it could be from something else (TMI on its way). ON CD33 I was on the toilet for a No 2 and felt constipated (CD32 aswell), trying not to add that to the symptom spotting, LOL. Well afterwards when I wiped, I then wiped the front and checked as I can't ever avoid that now I'm an addict. Well there was a spot of red blood image. I wiped again and there was a little more but nothing else since. It was red fresh blood. Now I think it could have been from the constipation/efforts of going to the toilet (blush) as I've had a spot before after a No2. I really tried to just check the front bit but not sure entirely where it came from, Doh.

Anyway I'm thinking that implantation isn't bright red?? This morning I have had some af style cramps but nothing yet. I really hate wasting even the cheapest of tests so will hold out, don't even know cycle lenth either. Will be starting A.C next cycle though if I get AF. Sorry to waffle for nothing but feels forever till Sat and have now got af cramps, boo hiss.


  • well first of all congrats on being able to hold out till cd40 your a better woman than me!

    its does sound promising and even if it wasn't implantation bleed than i know some girls on here have had constipation as a symptom before BFP - so theres every chance, after all you only need that one bd at the right moment!!!

    really wish you all the luck in the world!!!
    got my fingers crossed for you - keep us posted!!!
  • oh good luck you never know it could be implantation, hope you get a bfp on cd40 and af doesnt show up xxxxxxxxx
  • Don't congratulate me just yet, I've still got time to go against my plan. I'm trying not to though as my cycle could be anything and after about 5 BFN's last month then I'd rather not waste tests. Not sure how many I've got left but don't want to buy more yet as my DH won't be chuffed. I have to run and get rid of my FMU though to stop myself, :lol:. I know it only takes one but just wish I could know about the timing bit. Feels like we've BD'd loads but we haven't at all and it just seems to be at the weekends, gggrrr. Lets hope I O on a weekend then, LOL.

    This is going to sound soooo stupid now but your reply was like yet another bloody sign, LOL. Me and DH say to each other, 'I love you with all the love in the world', it's become quite a line now and pops up in our cards and in our wedding speeches etc. My mum and friends even say it to me when they want me to know that they really miss me etc. So you wishing me all the luck in the world made my eyes wide, LOL. Daft I know as it's a normal saying but as I'm clutching at straws right
  • Hi Fiona thanks for the reply. I really really want a BFP but I'll keep you updated on what happens. Hows things with you??
  • porky i really hope it is a sign and you get your BFP!!!

    keep up with PMA!!!!
  • I hope its a sign too and that af doesnt arrive so you get to test on saturday.Sending babydust and non testing til sat vibes!!xx
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