Think I'm out

Hi girls

I know this is going to sound really odd but I think I'm out this month. I think I'm 7 ov (would that be right if I think I ov'd on Sunday ish). Anyway, I know it sounds odd but every month I get a token spot on my chin when AF is coming/arrived. Today it was there. Is this too early for AF signs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who have just got their BFP or are due to test. xxxx

V xx


  • oooh no i hope it is still a BFP, I know what you mean about the spot, I always get a fat juicy one on my chin too before AF arrives and its always in the same place, it always kills!

    Not sure if its early or not? how long are your cycles? I usually get this huge spot about a week before im due.

  • My cycles are about 28 days, my period is due next tuesday. It is literally the size of a pin head and if I hadn't inspected my chin I wouldn't have seen it but hey ho I did. lol Looks like it 2011 for me.

    This tcc stuff sucks doens't it?

    v xxx
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