Hi Ladies - this is my first post on here - apart from introducing myself.

I will give you all the relevant info and would be very grateful for your opinions.

My dh and I decided a few weeks back to start trying for baby number 2! So I finished my pill for that month and had af as usual. That ended the 26th Feb and dh and I had intercourse that weekend (due to other circumstances we haven't had it since). 2 days ago, I started a very light bleed which I initally though would be my 'real' af since stopping the pill however it was light pink - brown and was mixed with cm and remained that way until this morning when it seems to have stopped. There was some staining on a pad and mostly seemed to come away with wiping (sorry if this is tmi).

Is it possible that this could be implantation bleeding? I don't think it's ovulation because I had been using ovulation tests for that whole week and they all remained negative. I didn't think pregnancy because of the timing of everything but just thought I would ask to be sure.

Thanks guys!



  • Hi hon and welcome to TTC!

    It's hard to say what it could be. I'm full of a horrible cold at the minute so my brain isnt working 100% but think the dates are wrong for implantation. If you only finished af on 26th then bd'd that weekend you most likely wouldn't have ov'd by then.

    Maybe its just af attempting to come but your body is a bit confused with having stopped the pill? Or it could be ov and the tests didnt pick up on it - sometimes the cheap ones dont work for everybody so depends what type you used. Or have they worked for you before?

    Dont want to sound like a...whatever the word is...dont want to sound disheartening but dont want you to get your hopes up hon.

    Good luck though xxx
  • Yeah - that's pretty much what I thought. It just didn't happen the last time I stopped the pill so was curious - nevermind though...wishful thinking. haha

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