Should I give up using my CBFM

I am on cycle 3 of using our CBFM and am currently on CD13. I have a 27/28 day cycle and know that I have peaks on CD 14/15.

For the first 2 months, my CBFM jumped from low straight to peak with no hint of a high anywhere!

I thought the first month I might not have been using it properly, 2nd month I just got irritated but now on day 13 and still shows a low, I am wondering what is the point of using it as I clearly have some issues!

Does anyone know why this might be happening and if anyone else has had this issue? I am feeling like it might never happen for us if I can't even make the CBFM do what I need it to!

Starting to feel a bit desperate now!


  • Hey poppet, didn't want to r+r, hope you get it figured out. Someone must have had the same issues. xxx
  • hi hun, i dont use a cbfm but maybe if you have a rest this month and see what happens, the last thing you want is to get stressed out with it. can you maybe use opk's this
  • Hun,

    Firstly, I certaibnly don't think the issues are with you! Secondly, in answer to your question, if you want to stop using the CBFM then stop - do what's best for you.

    I used the CBFM and first cycle of using it I got my BFP, unfortunetly this wasn't meant to be and I mc at 6 weeks, but when I do feel ready to start to TTC again, then I will use it again.

    If you know when you ov, try BD a few days before, on your peaks and then just after too and maybe see what happens.

  • Hiya, I've been using the CBFM and am on month 3 too. First month, all seemed to be good - got my few days of highs and then my peak on CD15.

    2nd month, I got 22 days of highs and no peaks.....

    This month, I am on CD15, having had 3 days of highs and no sign of a peak yet.

    I am also tempted to give up - we've been trying for 9 months now, so we decided if I don't get a BFP this month, we'll pack up the CBFM, thermometer and stop charting. We've only got a few more months before a doctor will see us, so I give up until then!

    It's sometimes a bit more stressful having an inkling of what's happening. Hubby thinks that you can't rely solely on technology and it can fail easier than nature can......

    Hope you manage to get yours sorted soon. xx
  • If CBFM is giving you your peak, then I don't believe you have issues. It may be struggling to give you high readings because your surge happens very quickly over 24 hours rather than over a series of days. Maybe if you want more detailed information, give the helpline a call, they are very helpful.

    I'd be interested to know when you get your peak this month. At least if it's giving you a peak, you can BD just at the right time, which is all important.

    Having said that, if it's stressing you out, then it's probably not worth using it. Wishing you lots of luck with whatever you decide xx
  • Thank you!

    Just worried that not having any highs means that I will find it harder to conceive than 'normal' people!

    Will see how this cycle goes but am 34 and just don't want to see another birthday without having a baby all of my own image
  • I don't think that not getting highs makes you abnormal at all, the main thing is that CBFM is picking up your peak and that's the important thing.

    Try not to despair, I was almost 37 when I got my BFP, had been on the pill 20 years and didn't think I stood a chance at conceiving. Wishing you lots of luck, I hope you get your BFP soon xx
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