Somebody stop me.....

Someone stop me ! Rugby tackle me to the ground and tell me no or I am going to the shop after work !

I am only 8dpo and reeeally want to know either way if I am pg or not !! Desparately want to go and buy a FR test and see, but I know its too early ! must wait till Sunday at least !!

* sulking *
* spitting dummy out *
* stomping feet *


  • You will NOT get a bfp this early!
    Don't do it image x
  • Waste of money hun but I feel your pain! I tested today because hte ov sticks Ibuy have preg tests with them LOL But FFS I don't even know if I ov at all this month and if I did it was at the weekend!!! Soooo total waste of a test there then PML
  • OK so think of the money u would waste..... and go get some chocolate :lol: and wine :lol: ooppss not wine at 8dpo hahahaha
    just chocolate image
    Keep that test for a nice stong line that says YOUR PREGNANT not a line that you may/may not even be able to see.

    eeeerrrrrmmm... could you remind me of this post in about 3 weeks when i have OV'd :lol: :lol:

    gems xxxx
  • LOL ! Thanks girlies !! I'll hold off !! Definately test on Sunday - that will be about 11/12 dpo then, so something should show up if I am right?? Or AF might have found me by then too ! grrrrrr !!

    Gembags - don't worry - i'll remind you ! : )

  • lol im cd5 so ill OV in about 13days so remind me in about 14days :lol: i am so bad i always say no dont test then i am just as bad :lol: :lol:

    Good Luck Hope its a BFP (a dark one) image
  • I used to pee on a ov stick when I was desperete, as if you have a strong line can mean pregnant, unlikley it would work, but satifised the urge! Xx
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