cd21 and ewcm again

hi ladies, wonder if u can help me, i got ewcm on cd16 and 17 so assumed i'm now 4dpo, but suddenly i've got ewcm again at cd21, so did i not ov before and am infact oving now? or is this just some random ewcm that doesn't mean anything? thing is there is more of it than there was at cd16/17, havne't bd'd since cd18 (been far too tired, mainly because it was ds first birthday yesterday so the weekend has been manic)...just wondered if someone cld shed some light

ta muchly xx


  • Hi WoW baby.

    Have you been checking for other signs of ov? i.e. temperature or ovulation sticks?

    If you deffo ovulated when you think then it could be a sign of pregnancy. I've read up a bit on this as the same has happened to me this month. I was using ovulation sticks and got a positive but no ewcm, however i've been getting loads since then which is strange.

    My af is late but got BFN. I'm trying not to get hopes up.
  • hi thanks for reply, no not been using ov sticks or charting was just going by my ewcm. i hope its not doingt he same as last month, last month i had ewcm for 10 days straight, so convinced myself i was pregnant. its so bloody annoying cos before ttc my ewcm was plain and simple, two days and taht as it, think next cycle i'll have to start using ov sticks cos its all getting far too confusing for me....aww hope u get ur bfp quick smart, its not over til af shows and it sounds promising, especially if tahts not normal for u xx
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