Coming off the pill question

Hi All

I came off the pill and have had my withdrawal bleed, all normal, just lasted the usual 6 days so all good there : ) Being trying for a week nearlly now and very happy and excited,

I have been having really bad headaches - to the point where I have had to leave work and go to bed as it hurt so much ! Anyone else experienced this after coming off the pill? Will it sort itself out or should I see DR? Or do you think it is totally unrelated to coming off the pill?

Thanks xx


  • I had this too, was really bad for a week and wouldn't go away even when I took painkillers, all I could put it down to was pill.

    Mine eventually went away and now 3 months on I haven't had anymore headaches like that.

    Everyone is different and if yours is bad enough to leave work and is worrying you then maybe you should get it checked out??

    Good luck TTC! xxx
  • Hi hun. There is a similar post on planning for a baby if you want to have a look xx
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