Constant cramps at 10DPO?

Hi ladies,

just wanted a bit of advice really. since about 3DPO i have had constant cramps (like af, but milder) and lots of painful gas (sorry tmi!) i am now 10DPO and would be thinking these could be implantation cramps - does it sound hopeful? the only thing i worry about is that i have not had a bleed - do you HAVE to have a bleed, or can implantation happen without?

i am testing tomorrow morning, but i know its too early!! xx


  • oh, and also - my tummy feels really 'tight' - like i am tensing it all the time....not sure if that means anything?! xx
  • Hi Livvy

    Keeping our fingers crossed for us. I am 10DPO too and have had the exact same! The last 4/5 mornings when I've got outta bed I feel like I've done 200 sit-ups! My tummy has been so tight.

    Hope its a good sign. Keep us updated!

    L xxx
  • hey mrsS - not only does your surname begin with the same initial as mine, so does your first name!! maybe its a good sign!!

    i am glad someone is going through the same as me - makes it seem a bit less like i'm going mad!
    i know what you mean, i have to keep reminding myself to stop tensing my tummy and relax it! are you having constant dull cramps too?
    i just wonder about the bleeding tho?xx
  • Didn't eat my reply after all! Stupid internet!


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  • I'm having some serious computer issues this am!!

  • haha, it seems it didnt eat the reply! i hate it when that happens, i think it just doesnt show up for a few minutes!!!
    i am glad to hear impl. can happen without bleed though. i got some very sharp pains in my side the other day, maybe that was it happening?!
    when are you due/testing? xx
  • OK! Looks like we're back on track! Lol!

    I'm due af on Monday 8th and want to wait to see if she arrives before I test! Although I'll cave in before then. Busy weekend shopping so will hopefully take my mind off it!

    When are you due/testing?

  • not really sure when i am due, as this is my first real month off the pill (since real AF) and my last 'cycle' was 46 days. i am currently only CD21 but my OPKS said i OV'd on CD10, so i take that to mean i am 10DPO and still not sure when AF due!!! i am testing tomorrow morning though - i know i shouldnt, but cant help it! xx
  • Hi ladies im 10dpo too and have been having regular less painful af type pains. No bleeding though but a few ladies have said you done always get it :roll:

    Lots of luck. I poas yesterday but bfn but then it was too early :lol:
  • eeek, babylove - i am POAS tomorrow morning, and am now scared of BFN!!! i am kind of expecting it in a way, but i want to know before wkend. i know i could still be even if its BFN - and all symptoms are looking good, so just gotta keep positive!! image
  • I'm on my 2nd cycle after coming off the pill in December. 1st cycle was 29 days, but I think this 1 will be longer as I had a +ve OPK on CD16, so looking over it again, anywhere between Sun n Tues af should arrive!

    Baby Love - Lots of baby dust to you and hope we'll al get our BFP together!

  • Oh I hope you do get your BFP and if you dont wait till af is due then try again. Thank god i have no more tests or i would be testing today again :lol:

    I tested early with my dd and thought it was a bfn as we had only strted ttc, was just about to put it in the bin when I saw the faintest line ever. I had to hold it up to the light. I thought I was imagining it so made my friend poas so i could see what a bfn looked like and it had no line at all so I knew I was preg. Although saying that I poas about 6 more times all BFP.

    I think we should all poas together :lol:
  • mrsS - thats about where i am at, but my first cycle was longer. i was shocked i got a positive at CD10 though, and didnt really trust it for a while, but now i have these constant cramps and feeling VERY tired, i am starting to think i did OV.

    PMA PMA! xx
  • haha, babylove, that made me laugh - i cant believe you made your friend POAS! haha!
    i am so excited to test tomorrow, but also very scared! not tested ever yet (well i did last cycle, but only cos AF was taking ages to arrive, but i knew it was bfn, as had no symptoms)
    i only have two tests in the house, so if i get BFN tomorrow (which i wont....PMA!!!) then i will wait till next friday and test again.
    god, feeling very nervous!!! xx
  • :lol::lol:

    That's great, you got your friend 2 POAS 2!! When are you teesting this cycle?

    We should all do POAS together!

    Livvy - I can't tell on the tiredness front! I'm always bloody tired! But not having any of the usual - needing to pee more, sickness (although I have on occasions, put it down to hunger)

    Full of PMA!


  • oooh another thing i thought of (mrsS you just reminded me) was that yesterday afternoon i felt SO sick, but it was like an empty feeling which was weird and then in the evening i was just sat there and suddenly felt really really sick and had to go and lie down! but thats about it really in terms of sickness.
    i know what you mean, i am always tired too and me and hubs have given up caffeine (drinking caff free tea now) and he's saying he's super tired, and we think its partly to do with that!

    haha, i dont know if i could wait till monday to POAS though!!! and dont want you ladies to test early like me! i just cant resist! xx
  • I really should give up the caffeine too! but to be fair I only have 1 cup of tea in the morning at work and don't do fizzy juice! I'll put the caffeine free teabags on the shopping list!

    Ok - you really have me SS now! Lower back pain? I've had a bit of that... again, could be down to me sitting on my backside all day at work!

    Why can't POAS be easy? Why can't you just test and it say yes or no, no matter what time in the cycle you are?!? Suppose it wouldn't be right if there wern't hurdles to jump!!

    Change in attitude, back to PMA!

    L xxx
  • haha, i know what you mean though - this wait is just killing me!! but we have so much PMA, we are not going to fail! i havent had much lower back pain to be fair, mainly just af type pain, which can affect my back a bit and also sharp pains in my side.

    the caffeine free tea doesnt taste ANY different in my view - its just made me and hubbie tired!!! we used to have quite a few teas a day, so thought we should cut it out. fizzy juice - is that bad?!? i drink tonic water and bitter lemon (without the gin....unfortunately!!!) is that bad?! its the low calorie/no sugar stuff....

  • I wouldn't say particularly bad, just sugar content and some have caffeine in too! I'm sure yours is fine with low sugar etc! And its not half as bad as the tea! I was prone to full fat coke! Bad bad bad!

    Can you imagine if we couldn't eat chocolate?!? I'd be devastated! (My skin breakouts this cycle have been down to this) God I've been trying hard to convince myself its been unsuccessful this month! I've got excuses for everything!

  • haha, i know! chocolate is all thats going to get me through a possible bfn tomorrow....but i am not
    going to get one, so its OK! *PMA PMA*!!!!

    Oooh, and just worked out that i'm actually 11DPO!!!
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