The waiting to find out is horrible : (

Hi All

First month of TTC, and I think I ovulated last Weds (not using any OV sticks or anything, but judging by the CM and OV pain - I think I did) and now I am on CD 23. Not knowing yes or no is really making me feel down today ! I really thought I;d be more excited and happy, but i'm just really anxious !!

Sat and Sun I had what felt like AF pains, and slightly sore boobs, and kept going dizzy, but today there is no AF pain - and i'm sure its too early for AF so I don't know what that was all about.

I guess I'm due on any time after CD28 and go from there. Just want to stop feeling anxious about not knowing ! Keep wanting to do a test to see if anything has happened yet, but its too early as only 5DPO so don't think anything would show yet?

Could do with some cheering up : (


  • ooh ill try to cheer you up!!?? well your symptoms sound promising so we can only wait!!... my symptoms are still the same no more CM (like last week) but keep getting waves of sickness throughout the days!?? nipples are still sensative an keep get weird sensations in the lower part of my tummy? thats it really but trying not to think about my 2ww! its going well atm!! i wouldnt test just yet! try to wait till your AF due date thats whats im going to do? :-/

    i wrote you a message just now as a new topic, so u can reply to me on that if you like!!

    baby dust!!! image xxxx
  • Aww symptom spotting is awful as is the 2 ww. I hate it, I'm anxious each time. I do try and chill out about it but it's hard!

    I would test when your af is a day late. Early testing isn't accurate and it's depressing seeing that BFN!

    Try to chill out about it and not ss and test when you're late. The amount of early tests I've done is crazy and expensive! I only test if I'm late now and being stressed about it can you make you late as well! Our bodies are difficult to work out! lol

    Good luck. x
  • Thank you for the replies !! Yes the symptoms are promising !!

    I dont know when i'm due as only just come off the pill! So I guess wait till 28 days and anything after that is late ! lol ! So will test on Sunday if no AF : )

    Am feeling better now - just had a bit of Monday blues earlier !

    Come on BFP ! lol !
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