Could i have PCOS?

Hi ladies,

Well i'm cd 22 now and still no sign of OV (this is now classed as late ov apparently). I've been getting highs on cbfm since cd7?! Anyway i mentioned my irregular cycles to a nurse at work last week and she said it's a sign of pcos. I've just googled it (naughty i know) and i match other symptoms too inc. Acne on and off & heavy periods. Infact it was mentioned to me when i was much younger and had irregular periods and bad acne and that's when i was prescribed the contraceptive pill.

Obviously that won't help whilst ttc!

Will my GP do anything this early on? I've been off the pill since January and had 4 cycles. I fell pd in my second cycle but it ended in mc, but i ov'd really late in that cycle too (didn't get faint bfp until cd49!)

I have been told that late ov can cause mc as the eggs aren't as healthy etc and i really don't want another mc so is there anything i can do does anyone know? Will my doctor start to investigate seen as i had symptoms when i was younger too?

Any advice from anyone in the know would be great, thanks!


  • hiya, i would go strait to ur gp and have a word, just sayu r concerened u may have pcos, and they should do tests, tell him u have a cbfm etc xxxx hopefully u should be ok, but its worth going just to put ur mind at rest. good luck xxxxxxxx
  • Go to the doctors they will then take a blood test and send you for a scan. I wasn't even ttc when i was diagnosed. Also CF=BFM wont work properly if you have PCOS because of the imbalance of hormones things like the monitors don't work properly with PCOS. Which is why you might be getting the highs on it.
    The doctors will do something about it, tell them whats been happening and what you think it might be and that you want to have a blood test to find out if you do and if you do they should send you for a scan.
    Good luck with it all hun xxxx
  • I've managed to get an appt at 3.10 this afternoon which is lucky!

    I'm quite nervous tbh, do you have any experience of it? I'm worried he's gonna say come back in x amount of months and in the meantime i'm gonna have these rubbish irregular cycles or mc again!

  • Sorry Faye, must have been replying at the same time!

    Will he do the blood test today? Or will i have to wait? I feel so silly because since we started ttc and then mc i'm practically on first name terms with my doc, plus he's male so hasn't been the most sympathetic to my problems!
  • No tell him you want something done now, its not always about trying to concieve. I wasn't when i was diagnosed. You just want to find out if this is what is happening. Insist you want a blood test done.

    sorry bout the caps lol xxxx
  • Ok i will do! I'll think of you ladies when he's telling me i've got to wait etc.

    You know my OH thinks i'm crazy for spending so much time on here but you ladies are so fab!

    I just posted on your thread Faye but i would have a look in the ttc after mc thread if you haven't already! Helped me more than any actual person i physically had in my life!

  • good gal, and good luck xxxxx

    ps lady2188 ur pic makes me laugh every time, *giggles*
  • Lol! It made me laugh!

    Thanks ladies, i'll let you know how i get on!
  • Thanks lady2188 for your reply on my post, and il defo have a look in ttc after mc. In a few days.
    Stand your ground, dont let them fob you off, youl be there now just realised!! So i hope it all goes well. They should take your blood test now, i didnt have to wait till a certain time in my cycle, they just did it there and then. Once they came back that i did have pcos they sent me for a scan. But i almost had to insist they do something,
    Let us know how it when hun xxxxx
  • Hi ladies,

    Well i'm shocked to say the least. I don't think he's renewed his family planning training since 1900. Firstly he tried to tell me that you ov 7 days before AF image I was like, you mean 14 days and he started banging on about the progesterone surge 7 days before AF. basically saying that even though i was on cd22 i could still have AF in a "normal cycle."

    I work in family planning so i know that's rubbish, OV after cd21 is irregular and i told him but he was adamant. Then he was saying my symptoms could be coincedental. I was like yeah or they may not be...!

    In the end i said i wanted it ruling out so i booked myself in for a blood test Thursday with the nurse. He also kept sating AGAIN that there's ore chance of mc if you fall pg within 3 months since the last one? I am the first and last person on BE and in real life who seems to have been told this?

    He just kept saying relax and it will happen etc and that stress can delay ov and AF blah blah! He said "just enjoy having sex" which was cringey! I also asked if there was anything i could take to regulate my cycles, medicine or herbal and he said no!

    All in all disappointed as i always am when i come out of there. I need a new doctor! But at least i've got a blood test for Thursday.

    Thanks for all your advice ladies!

  • What an idiot!! Stress can delay ov which can delay af but thats all easier said than done.
    I take agnus cactus (sp) to regulate my cycles since coming off the pill and that has worked my periods have been between 28-33 day cycles. Which is brill for me!
    Least you have a blood test and you will find out from that if you have pcos. And you can take it from there. And yeah id say get a new doctor!! Iv also hear vit b6 helps so i have order some of that now too!!! xxxx
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