Have that sinking feeling...

that AF is on her way. The last few days I've been overly emotional and today I've been a complete grouch bag. Not good. Got crampy feelings too but have been getting these since we're been BDing earlier this month. This is our first month of trying, so it may take longer, but still...piss off AF!!!!!


  • Oh hun hugs, do you know exactly when af is due? xx
  • Grrrrrr!!! It's due any time between the 17th to the 22nd. I have a 23 day cycle which is like clockwork...so it'll be Sunday I think. Trying not to work myself up, but I've done nothing but symptom spot for the last few weeks-silly me!
  • I know how you feel hun, ive been having af type feeling since 6dpo on and off and now any pg symptoms i thought i had have dissapeared. Im 13dpo and my cycle length has varied but this is the first time ive tested for ov so if i can get to the weekend i may test but im not hopeful. Good luck tho hun x
  • Hi hun,

    I have been going through the mill since my first month of trying - last month!!, I done a test on NYE and thought I could see a line - hubby said I couldnt and convinced me I couldnt and then monday gone I was clearing them out (I kept them I dont know why)?? baby mania maybe he he!!

    There was a faint pink line which i can only assume developed over time after I thought I saw a line, anyway I looked thru the other tests and found a FR test with a very faint line on too!!

    I have since done 2 tesco tests and not a line on I just wish I hadnt waited so long to look at the test!!

    Am due af between 25th and 2nd feb and have no idea when, if I have ov this month.............am getting so depressed with all this ttc lark and its only month 2!!

    I need to get a grip xx
  • It's amazing how it makes u feel isn't it! We have just 'informally' started and already I think about it a lot! For years I would dread my AF not arriving on time and now the opposite! I find it helps to get it in my head that it will take 6-9 months to get preggers although after 2 or 3 I'll be stressing! I guess you need to enjoy all the trying for now and remember your not out until the horrible witch finds you! Keep smiling x
  • Unfortunately I have trained myself to always think the worst of every situation so that I won't be disappointed (which is an awful way to look at life I know!) so for some reason I automatically think that I am more likely to have fertility problems than not.

    We also agreed that we would informally start trying, not get involved with charting temperatures etc and just have fun with it, but I've started to take it much too seriously already which I just didn't want to happen, plus it was the only way I could ease hubby into it!

    I've had all sorts of possible pg symptoms, but annoyingly they are often the same as AF symptoms, although I've had them as early as two weeks before it could arrive which confuses me even more. I think I'm too quick to identify feeling tired (working hard), sore boobs (dodgy bra), nausea (just halved my medication dosage) and cramping (who knows?) as possible signs.

    Must. Get. A. Grip!!!!!

    Glad to know I'm not alone though image

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