i know you prob think this is sad but! i just went on tube to watch someone giving birth, and it was beautiful!! made me cry!! i want one!!



  • I've never been able to watch births on tv...too much of a wimp!
  • well i thought i would have a look see whats involved lol and i wasnt even that bad!! i cant beleave i cried!!! lol xxxx
  • I used to do this all the time. ALWAYS ended up in tears. I love watching them ;\)
  • i do too! i love them i watch home and health channel all the time, to watch home birth diaries and portland babies etc, ooo and one born every minuite! i love them and good to be informed, that way it doenst freak you out as much when you go into labour as you know what to expect, i do have the odd tear with some births too! just the utter joy in th mummys faces (after squeezing anyway) LOL :lol:
  • Watching people give birth makes me cry too but bizarrely when I gave birth myself I didn't - I was just too exhausted and overwhelmed! It really is worth the wait though, although ttc can be so hard x
  • I watched a few on youtube last night, it normally doesn't frighten me but I came across 1 where the lady had an, I had to turn it off, I'll definitely be doing my pernial massages!!! :O :lol:
  • my h2b thinks im so sad tho! hahahaa glad to know im nt the only one! nice tattoo by the way young_mummy x
  • wow i love watching home and health my OH watches with me but if it shows to much but he does not mind

  • thanks *me* thought i'd get it done b4 i become pregnant!!
    im so glad im not the only one that watches these things and cries at them lol!!

  • I love watching it too!! I always have a little weep, usually when the mummy sees her baby for the first time. I think some of my tears are fear that it will never be me :cry:

    It must be the most amazing thing in the world. Can't wait for One Born Every Minute tonight on Channel 4! I'm addicted to it! image
  • You know despite having had a lo I've never watched one...One born every minute is the closest I've come to a birthing video...might have to take a look and see what it looks like the the other angle, so to speak!!
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