How it going image

Did you have a good xmas ????? xx


  • i see you i know ur online :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Haha sorry hun, only just saw the post. Yeah i had a fab xmas thanks, eaten WAY too much and spent the same lol.

    Things are ok, having some funny symptoms but dont want to test cause sick of seeing the BFN and i didnt get a peak this month so not sure on OV! Plus i feel like i will NEVER see that BFP so feel like there is no point.

    How did your xmas go???? xxx
  • I know how your feeling tink. I am heading for month 17 in 2 days and think i will never get a BFP
    Do u know when AF should be due ish image
    My xmas went well very chilled out and LO had fun.
    gems x
  • Aww girls I am sure that we will all see that magical second line sometime soon image
    Keep smiling and keep up the PMA!
  • Thanks snugglenush!!!

    gembags - i am not sure about AF either :\( I had a 28 day cycle last month and was hoping for the same this month but i am on CD34 or 35 maybe at the moment and i got my high CD13 and it went back to lows on CD27. I had some EWCM around CD20-21 BUT i had been to the toilet and since then i have been getting a lot of EWCM and i cant have been ovulating for nearly 2 weeks now so i have noooooo idea!!!

    I have been getting lil stomach cramps and indigestion, aching legs a LOT, aching hips, nausea, hungry all the time and very very thirsty!!!

    I don't want to test and get that BFN though :cry: but for some reason i just feel pregnant, i havent said anything to OH as it gets his hopes up if i tell him i have certain symptoms, bless him!!!!

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