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HCG Levels

Does anyone know how common it is to be late, get a BFN but still be PG because of HCG levels?


  • hiya winnie, all women can kick out all diffrent levels of hcg hormone, all women are diffrent, as the old BE saying goes is never over until af arrives, a number of other things have to be considered too, you might have ov'd later, your cycle may be longer this month, when is af due hun x
  • AF was due 2 days ago. This is month no 5 off the pill and they have been bang on 28 days from 2nd month. Getting annoyed now.
  • Hi winnie, i have heard of people going 12 - 14 weeks with no bfp even though they are pg! My cousin went 8 weeks and had it confirmed by bloods and scan but nothing on a stick!! If you are late and nothing is happening it is suggested to you keep testing once a week!

    **immense sniggers as she could only last once every 4 days!**

    Good luck hun and I hope it is a BFP!
  • Was 3 weeks late with my 2nd and only confirmed by bloods!!
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