high temps, af due, no af and neg tests! help!

hey ladies.

well, i thought i was due AF on monday - but worked out that i think i Ov late, so would be due af today.
had very high temps every day, including this morning - no af pains (but had them from sun - tues) no af, but neg test!
NEVER been late in the 9 months of trying and normally have af pains a few hours before af, then nothing - so why have very bad af pains sunday, then nothing?

help me! am i going mad? could i still be testing early - or could this just be my stupid body playing tricks? xx


  • Just out of interest, what test are you using?
  • i'm using SD tests, as i heard they were the best?? i may use FR on friday morning - what do you recommend? x
  • ooo sounds good hun! yeah i would say try again on fri, a few girlies dont get a bfp til a few days of af being late, yeah sd i have heard are the best too, maybe try with another sd or fr on fri and see how it goes? good luck! xxx
  • not sure whether to use a CB digi now - as i saw someone say its 25miu - but not sure what FR and SD are?!
    thanks for the luck - i am trying SO hard not to gets hopes up as a few ladies here have had late af recently and its arrived 4 days late image
  • hiya, just googled it, and apparently superdrug are more sensitive at 10mlu and fr are 25mlu, as is cbd. not 100% sure tho as it was on a forum like this? the less mlu it is the more sensitive image xxx
  • thank you!!!! thats a big help! just feel like using something different, as i always use SD! might get CB digi and SD! not that i'm made of money!!!!
  • lol. i no! theyre so expensive! it must be sooo nice to see those words tho..... pregnant, omgosh! how exciting! let me no how it goes! waiting for 3054 to test now! lol x
  • haha - me too! i am waiting for her to test aswell! yeah - the CB digi are like ??10.00! what a rip off! but they know we'll pay - so we can see those words!!! eeep, i cant wait - really, really hope i am! xx
  • i really hope so too image hope shes ok? its been 2 hours. maybe shes gonna do it on her lunch break or something if shes at work? xxx
  • Oh guys thanks for thinking about me..... Means a lot. I just updated my post. BFN sorry not better news. Just waiting for the witch to arrive so we can move onto next month!!!!! Was upset but ok now! Going for a relaxed approach next month I want ttc to be fun again and currently it isn't, we should love trying to make a baby!!!!!

    Good luck monk hope you have better luck than me!
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