Should I see doc?

Hello ladies,

I am after some advice, hope you gals can help me to make a decision... I have been off the pill since Feb this year after being on it for over 10 years. I had a AF at the beginning of March and nothing since... I am now on day 93 of no AF. I did a HPT over 2 wks ago which was negative.
I am reading conflicting things about how long to wait until I see a doc if no AF comes, I am becoming increasing frustrated. I dont want to see my doc and then him say to me well wait until you get to six months with no AF blah blah because I will just be like OK.
I have heard some people dont have an AF for years, I just want to have one and be regular so I can monitor! I am SOOO fed up!

What shall I do?! see a doc now or wait longer?!




  • Hi Mel. See Moomin's post from yesterday - it was along the same lines. NHS Direct told her to chase it up, so I think either call them and see what they say, or get an appointment at your surgery.

    Hope it is something simple!
  • Ahhh, I missed it! I shall have a look, thanx alot!
  • I think i would go for my own piece of mind, I mean thats what drs are there for! image
  • Thanx clarkie and gypsey just had a look @ moomin's post, and really sympathise with her! it is starting to make me depressed. I shall give the docs and call tomorrow morning, whats the betting my doc will be on holiday or something! I hope he will do something.
  • Oh they're never there when you want them! lol!

    Good luck image
  • Lol, I know he is constantly on hol when I need him! Thanx my dear and congratulations, just had a nose at a post! hope you have a good pregnancy image
  • Or have I read it wrong? sorry I have been painting today the fumes may have effected me or it could be my blondeness! xx
  • Definately go see doc. The sooner you get the ball rolling the better. Good luck image x
  • Thanx ladies image will let you know how I get on XX
  • Nope, not pregnant - yet!

    Hope all goes well image
  • I'm going back to docs hopefully for a referal in the morning. I first went after ttc for 6 months and cos of my family history.
    Although he said keep trying it was on my notes that i'd been trying and it gave me a feeling that i have hope if, as each month passed with no bfp, i was nearer to being checked out medically.
    I'd go if i was you, just to find out when to go back!!
    maxi xxx
  • yeah id go...for peace of mind for than anything. If you dont go you will just keep wondering .
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