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BFP - share my symptoms


I wrote on here for the first time last week when I was having a really bad week! I was ttc for 8 months and was convinced there was a problem but I finally got my BFP last night! :\) I still can't believe and think i am in shock and can't wait to go to the doctors to make sure I actually am pregnant!

I want to thank you all - you have been a great help, even though I don't post often I always read the message board!

Now for my symptoms - which haven't really been many... My AF was due on Sat and I have been having period symptoms for the last two weeks. On Sat and Sun I had some brown blood and thought it was the start of my AF. I felt so upset and thought another month has passed! This brown blood lasted for two days. Yesterday and today I have a feeling of indigestion and tender boobs. I had a nose bleed last week and some headaches but that's it really and apart from that I just had the normal period symptoms!

Fingers crossed everything will be ok for me and best of luck to you all and many thanks xxxx


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