Could I get a different result?

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Not sure if its one of those silly questions but If you leave a urine sample out for a couple of hours and use a test could it give you a different result?
Im on CD 28 and my last cycle was CD24 and no sign of the AF, Ive had creamy CM and wet all the time, Ive felt strange pains in my belly and below and I keep tasting blood although this morning at work I actually had blood in my mouth, dont know if it was my gums or not and when i got home I found that i must of had a small nose bleed in the day as i wiped my nose i had brown stuff on my hand as it was dry and a dark brown colour.
My back has been killing me and ive been having cramps on and off, Still having the milky discharge coming out of my boobs.

So I thought i would test and as i havent got any tests in the house, i wont be able to get any till after 12pm, so if i used FMU and left it out on the side a few hours could it affect my result?

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  • It's best not to leave urine sitting hun as it 'goes off' and basically the hcg begins breaking down until it's undetectable. Storing it in the fridge and covered does make it last longer (remember to bring it back to room temp before testing) but it really is best to use fresh xx
  • Hi MPP
    Huni's right - it's why sometimes a BFP on a test can fade afterwards - as the HCG breaks down.
    Do you know when you ov'd? If you go off your last cycle and you are now 18 DPO - you'd have enough HCG to get a BFP what ever time you test.
    I did my second HPT at 4pm on 14DPO - and got a strong BFP with it.

    Your symptoms sound pretty good - sending you huge amounts of Babydust and PMA

    CTB xx
  • hiya mpp, OMG i wondered exactly the same thing, so i checked with my mum who's a nurse and she said you need fresh urine to get the best result. your symptoms sound really good honey, im so excited for you, let me know how you get on.

    lots of love

    xx x x x x x
  • Thanks for your replies and i totally understand what you are saying and I did wonder myself as like you said CTB the hcg can breakdown and fade on a BFP result.
    Not sure when i OV'd, last AF was 26th of march and last month I OV'd around CD12, So iif t was the same this month I would of OV'd around the 5th or 6th of april, But its not a definate, I didnt use my OV sticks this month. We tried to relax this month as we didnt really want a december baby,

    We've only BD'd once this month, hehe We have both been very tired with our shift work, wouldnt it be so lucky for me to get a BFP with just the once, I know its happened to a few people. Its the 1st month ive really relaxed about it so i wouldnt be surprised!

    I will do like you said CTB, ill just test anytime in the day, Id be over 14DPO so i should get something.

  • Good luck hon for whenever you do test xxx
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