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Morning everyone, hope you're all having a nice snow day, i have the day off anyway!

Well im currently on CD21 of a 28 dayish cycle. I had smiley faces on CD 15 and 16, we BD around these days. We last BD tuesday night. TMI coming....this morning when i went to the toilet i had lots of what i think was EWCM, it was white and stringy and i know this is gross but when i looked down, it was just coming out of me! I've not had this before, not like this! I do normally get creamy CM before AF but not stringy! I did an OV test just to see and it was negative. So not sure what it is, could it be 'leftovers' from OH?! Not really getting my hopes up or anything cos i have no other symptoms, except i dunno why, but my house smells funny today lol weird i know, keep thinking my cats have been naughty somewhere but they havent!

Well that was a ramble, feel better now i've got that out cos i have no-one else to discuss CM with lol thanks for reading ladies xx


  • Hi Pickle,

    This sounds promising. Same thing happened to me when we got pg with our little one. Increased cm is a good sign (sorry for tmi coming, but thought it may help - my cm was loose, white milky ish). I also did an OV test when this happened (even though I had +ves previously about a week earlier). This was + for some reason, but AF never came and lo and behold we got our bfp a week later!

    Don't want to get your hopes up too soon, but it does sound good for you. Keep me posted and all the best xxx
  • Thanks for replying hun. Well sounds hopeful, i havent lost all PMA yet as still have a week to go and i know for the first time in a long time we actually have done all we could so at least i know we gave it a good go. Have had problems BD for the last few months due to pressure etc!
    They do say that OV tests can pick up PG hormones so i was kinda hoping for that but nope not yet, oh well, one week down, one more to go! xx
  • This does sound good Pickle!

    I had lots of white coloured cm before i got my bfp, it wasn't ewcm, but seemed thicker than usual. Because it wasn't ewcm i didn't think i was pregnant, but i was, so just goes to show everybody is different!

    Good luck and keep us posted :\)
  • Thanks ladies, ahh dont wanna get excited!! Congrats on your BFP poppy x x
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