Do you think I have ov'd?

Does anyone think I have ov'd with the following symptons:-

For the last 2 days, had a faint opk test, but today, no second line at all.
Yesterday, had one bit of ewcm, but for the rest of the day and today, cm was sticky and tiny bit lotiony.
Yesterday am, had a dull ache down below, but today, don't think I have felt any cramps.
BBs a bit sensitive.

Im on cd 18 (and ov'd cd 17 last month) - (not counting one day of very light blood).

What do you think?


  • Sounds like you might have.
  • Agree with socks. xx

  • Thanks Ladies

    Have been monitoring symptons afterwards and haven't had any ewcm since, cm has been either sticky or slightly milky (sorry tmi), and have had slight migranes since.

    Does anyone know why LH surge can last for less than 24 hours?

    Or perhaps the faint OV test was the surge but my LH level just didn't get over the minimum level required for the OV test to be considered a surge. Unfortunately the tests I got from Access Diagnostics don't specify the level of LH they monitor. Might be worth emailing them to ask them.
    I did read somewhere that LH levels over 30 u/l indicate ovulation (under 30 is normal).

    What does everyone else think?
  • Just read on one of the ov kit selling sites, smiley face means LH surge and ov will occur in the next 12-36 hours. Another site says it's 24-48 hours, another 24-36 hours! No wonder us ladies get confused!! So it's somewhere between 12 and 48 hours!!!
    Sorry, thought I was going to be more helpful. image(

    Can't find anything on the level the tests read, sorry. xx

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