AF while Pregnant?

hello ladies...i was just wondering..has anyone had AF and later discovered they were pregnant even though they had it? Is it even posible?:\?


  • Hi

    I have never been pregnant before as ttc 1st baby, however I have researched it and yes it is true some women can still bleed during pregnancy and get af.

    Do you think you are preg?

  • That hasn't happened to me, but it is possible.

    It could be an implantation bleed, or it could be break through bleeding; depends really on when it happens. The latter is more likely to be mistaken for a period I think.

    I once worked with a lady who went to the doctor with severe tummy pains, thinking she had an ulcer. Turned out that she was five months pregnant, but had no idea as they weren't ttc and she had had regular periods all the way through her pregnancy! So it can happen.
  • When i was perg with my son i had what the Hosp told be was a light AF every 29 days untill i was 7 months then it just stopped.

    Gems x
  • wow. Thanks for your replies ladies. I just dont want to get my hopes up but i've been having sore boobs and spotting like crazy the last couple of days. I had my period wen it was due and it was just normal. i've been feeling queasy too. Although my ovulation is due yesterday or today so perhaps the spotting is ovulation bleeding? I've not BD'd since my period on the 23rd i just dont know what the heck is going on. I also have pains in my lower back and my left side in front. I would be testing in the morning but i know it'll probably be negative. I just dont know whats going on!
  • Keep us posted hun - good luck and loadsa baby dust xx
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