I really want to be excited but scared to get my hopes up...

Hi again....

Today has been a nighmare day, everytime i go the toilet i think AF has started. I just cant believe that just maybe we finally have our BFP?? It doesnt seem real as the line was so faint both times i tested!!!

It is driving me insane.... i havent told my OH yet as i dont want to get him excited and then AF turns up...


I am actually going mad!


  • OPS might have just accidently POAS!!! No idea how it happened!!?!? First response- faint faint line again.

    Doing a CB test tomorrow otherwise i will go bad!

    If i was a shareholder of a pregnancy test manfacturer i would be laughing about now- lol have another 6 tests!

  • Tested cycle day 34 and 35 (normal cycle 28-32)... lol see my previous posts, lots of info of my saga!!!

    Very scared at the mmoment- lol cant think straight to be honest!
  • Aw good luck hun am sure your hcg will be high enough in a few days to do a CBD and see those words very clear.

    Fingers crossed for you? how long have you been trying?

  • We have been trying since june but only 7 cycles (missed 2 cycles). Seems a very long seven months, never thought it would happen, had given up hope to be honest! But now it looks like there is hope!? Really hope so.

    I keep seeing women on here after months of trying and wanting so much posting about their BFP's and it makes me so happy for them as i know that we all want it so much!

    I have my fingers crossed for everyone...xxxx
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