7 months and nothing

hi there

i am reading stories of people trying for 18 months plus so i feel a little guilty when i am getting so upset about 7 months.

Had miscarriage at 5-6 weeks and january and then nothing. If one more person tells me to try and forget about it i will swing for them. Tears every month tantrums every month. Getting angry watching people in the street obviously not giving a monkeys about the ten kids that they have. What do you do when you have tried everything?

Are there any treatments that can help. Doctor says it is too soon but body clock is ticking.

Any help appreciated



  • Hi sarah, i compleylt understand how you feel, we've been ttc since august had a mc at9+5 in feb and a very early mc in april and i just really want to be pregnant. Just after first mc i said i wanted to be pregnant before due date (september) and everyone said i had plenty of time, but that time is now fast approaching and i'm still not pregnant. It really makes me very cross how badly some children are treat when i just want one to love so much. I can't offer a solution but just a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to your frustration, but i really do believe it will happen and when it does your baby will be loved all the more.
    Big hugs xxx
  • I guess things happen for a reason. 7 moths of ttc, one miscarriage and feeling really low. Just been confirmed that i have shingles (never new shingles was horrible blisters) on massive dose of tablets. Its a good thing the stork didnt arrive - shut up my baby cupboard, avoiding the isles at supermarket and booking a holiday tomorrow. Leaving month 8 and concentrating on month 9. (maybe went abit overboard when i bought a fertility spell from Ebay!!!) Good luck everyone this month. Thinking lots of baby dust thoughts for you all x x
  • I am sorry to hear of your sadness.
    I was told to take EPO every day up until ovulation and drink lots of fresh grapefuit juice both of which are mean't to increase CM. It certainly worked for me. I also took pregnacare vitamins. I used OV sticks and BD around that time.
    Maybe this can help. fingers crossed and baby dust xx
  • I know how you are feeling, i've been off the pill since June last year and we avent managed it yet, doesnt help that my cycles are so irregular ! I've tried everything from bd'ing constantly, to cycle monitoring, ov sticks, relaxing, not relaxing, i've tried different positions, taking folic acid, watching what i'm eating/drinking and yet a year down the line still nothing !!! Yet the girl at work who was told she would never conceive naturally has just gone on maternity leave !! And although i'm mega happy for her i'm also insanly jealous !
  • Oh I was also told to avoid alcohol, caffeine and wheat x
  • Landfear,
    Hang on in there petal. We've been trying for a year now. Had mmc in February, then completely irregular AF until last one started in June. BFP on day 30 and currently got everything crossed that this one sticks. My friend recommended zinc, can't guarantee it but I know how anything seems worth a try when you want a baby so much. Sending you PMA
  • Hi Landfear

    Keep up the good work dont give up. Currently on month 18 had a lap and dye done last week and lucky everything seems fine. You just have to keep on going to get what you want. We are all here for you.

    jen xx
  • Hia Landfear
    i know where u r coming from. I had a mmc at the end of Jan and have bin ttc with no luck!!
    Everybody keeps saying relax and it will happen and that is just so annoying!!!!!!
    We were trying nt to put too much pressure on things bt as that has'nt worked this month we are using ov tests and oh is also takin folic acid!!!!
    Hope u get ur bfp soon.
    If you ever need to chat then i am on msn
    take care
  • what a fab response from people who understand. Cheers everyone, i have the ov sticks, the ebay fertility charm??!!, the primrose oil capsules, pregnacare, tons of bding planned - all aspects are covered like a milatary operation - and this is me relaxing!! Thanx for all the shoulders xx x x x x ps what are the best supplements for oh?
  • I heard that the oh taking folic acis elps his swimmers - or zinc supplements. You can get a pregnacare pack for him and her now in superdrug which tells you what extra it has in it if thats any help? I was looking the other day lol xx
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