Do any of you actually ever ...

....stop thinking about ttc?
This is only our first month and im a nightmare. Cant stop thinking about it and even picture by bloody egg traveling down my tubes :lol:

I was nearly ready to cheer the sperm along the other day. Im always thinking about BE when im out of the house and never off it when im home :roll:

I dont want to be like this but cant stop it. Anyone got any ideas to take my mine off it? You would think having a 10 year old and a 10 month old that would keep me bust but nope.

Babylove xxx


  • Can't help you love I'm the same!! image

    Just want to be pg again and am trying all the tricks in the book (all the ones I know of anyway) - next step is a young stud muffin to get me knocked up if dh doesn't step up :lol: (just kidding - about to ov so full of hormones!!!!! image
  • lol I have pg mags (hidden from OH!) in case he thinks I'm mad.... haven't read hem yet just like to have them so can have lots of reading pleasure when I finally get my BFP

    Baby dust to all xx
  • ah ive already started reading them while im at the lib on my lunch break!!
  • HA! This is when the docs tell you to "just relax and let it happen"!!!! I'm like that sometimes too but the 2 ww is HORRENDOUS and I go on the great knicker watch..
    To take your mind off of it, go for a walk? image
  • my 1st month was like this. on here all the time looking at HPT pics and tested about 6 times before AF showed up. but 3 months later i am slightly less obsessed. do try not to come on here as much as it does make it worse! but usuallu come in 2 times a week and have a read at the posts and see if i can help with any advice.

    good luck on everyones BFPs x
  • hahahaha me too! to all of the above! lol xxxxxxxx
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