Fathers day

Who else is hoping to get a big fat positive ready for fathers day next Sunday ?


  • I am- want to be able to tell my dad he's going to be a grandad again. He dotes on my lo , very unlike how he was with me and my sister!!
  • When are you going to test hjanea ? I was really naughty and tested today bfn. Still keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I really wanted a bfp this weekend so i could tell my dad next weekend but it wasnt meant to be..... AF hasnt reared her ugly head yet so i guess there's still hope xx
  • i really wanted to be able to tell hubby on fathers day that he was going to be a daddy but af showed up so going to have to wait until next month, fingers crossed!
    your not out until af shows her ugly head!
  • I am hoping not to test until next weekend!!(like thats gonna happen!!!) but next sat would be latest that af should come.
    When are you due Emzyv?
  • I'm testing in the morning,im due af on Thursday but doing a fr test. I've felt a bit of pelvic pain in the last few days so am hoping for the best!
  • Not sure when i am due on. Had Accupuncture this month which has totally thrown my cycle. Due either tomorrow or Thursday
  • Nikr-good luck for tomorrow!!!!
    Emzyv-Are you going to be able to hold out until thursday or are you going to try again sooner?
  • Probably will end up trying again on tuesday. Got a stack of 10mui tests. So probably wont beable to resist the temptation.
  • hiya everyone! I am really bored as am only on cd5 and the time is really dragging. Instead of being able to announce that i am pregnant on fathers day - i am just going to get him to bd me senseless and hopefully concieve on fathers day!! Goodluck to anyone else with the same plan!! And goodluck to all of you that have Af's due, one of you is bound to have hit the jackpot!!!
  • I've used all mine last few times and havent bought more, unfortunately I have a superdrug early and two cbds!!!!
    Good luck for tuesday, everything crossed for you!!xx
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