dumb question..


Ok this is really dumb but i honestly dont know, i think its because i thought something completely different for so long and not really tried to understand but...

When should you be trying? OH is on evil tablets which means we CANT have any sex, not that we dont want to! So he has to stop taking them to TTC. This means we really need to plan when we are going to (however hopefully another two months and we'll be ok).

Anyway, two weeks before AF i get sore tummy, CM is different and i thought this was when we would try, That would be 14 days before AF which makes it the 11th. But should we be trying before then? I thought, two days before we would ttc every night up until about three days after?

Is this right? Its just because we cant just try all the time at the moment, and im very confused?!!

Sorry for such a basic question!


  • Hi,

    If you don't want to bother with charting or using ovulation test strips, then I think if you count 8 days after you start your period (the day you come on is Day 1). When you get to day 8, start having sex every other night. When your CM looks clear and stretchy (like egg-white - EWCM) then try and have sex every night for the next 4 days (if you can). If not, every other day should suffice for as long as you are both able!

    If your periods are regular, and you know when you are due-on then if you fancy a rest, I'd slow down the baby-dancing the week before your period is due.

    Sperm can last for about 2-3 days inside you, so by bd-ing every other night, you should keep the supplies 'topped up' inside of you for when you do ovulate (as your egg only lasts about 12-24 hours)

    Good luck
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