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B F ..... Limbo!!!



  • Fingers crossed rubyshoes... I'm waiting for some positive news...!
  • Ruby!! Thinking of you lots this morning! The suspense is killing me!! Hope that line comes up strong for you xxx
  • RubyShoes - update please!!! xxx
  • Gonna have to go to work soon which mean's I'll have to wait all day to find out!! Oh no! xxx
  • Im waiting too and have to go to work come onnnnnnn!!! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you. Gotta go! xxx
  • Sorry girls didn't have time to get on computer before I came to work but it's a bfp!!!!I'm so happy I could cry,will update more at lunchtime!

    E x
  • Congratulations xx
  • eeeeeek! So exciting! Congratulations! X
  • Wow congratulations Rubyshoes! Fab news xxx
  • Oh wow - HUGE congrats to you xxx
  • YAY!! Congratulations!!

    It definitely sounded like it would be, but I know it's difficult to trust something unless you know you've done it 100% properly.

    Can't wait to see you over in Due in Sept!!

    Kat x
  • Ahh congrats - knew you would be!
    See you in sept

    PP84 x x
  • well done....

    congratulations heres to a h&h 9 months xx
  • Congratualtions hun!
    Im having super long cycle since the pill too and like you dont know when af is due so you have given me some hope! xx
  • wooohoo, congratulations, was reading ur posts yesterday and was wondering how u got on, dead happy for you xxx
  • congratulations!!!! ive snuck on during one of my lessons to find out- i feel like one of the kids sneaking on the internet to play games. Im sooooo happy for you, good luck and enjoy your pregnancy xxx
  • Ha ha Kaiti B - I have to say that I did sneak on now and again today during my lessons too - was too excited not too!

    Thanks again for all your kind words this morning, the line came up darker and clearer than yesterday and I clock watched til 3 mins as well!!

    Hubby says I have to do a CDB and another couple over the next few days til he believes it :lol:

    I just cannot believe I have been this lucky and I really hope that it's a sticky one. You ladies have been fab, baby dust to all

    E x
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I am so pleased for you! Between you and Sally, giving lots of hope to us no AF girls!! Here's to a healthy nine months, enjoy! xx
  • Brilliant news!!! Really pleased for you!! Yay!!!! Slowly our little group are getting PG! Please keep us up to date with everything like Sally's doing. I bet you're over the moon xxx
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