How accurate....

Are the predictor 5 days early tests??

I am not sure if I can wait until Monday as have to make a decision on some medical investigations the docs want to do on me.

I am due af on mon/tues, when could I test with this?

lolli x


  • it depends how your HCG rises as its different with every woman, some women can get a + 5 days before their period but i dont think thats a very high percentage, it also depends when the embyro implanted as you would start producing the hormones after that, also how long your LP is plays a part if you have a long LP say 17 days, 5 days early would be 12 DPO so more possible than if you had a 10 day LP and tested 5 days early which would be 5DPO,

    It might be worth a try but might be a inaccurate result, would the tests be before tues, if not it may be worth saying yes then cancelling them if you are x
  • need to be referred for the tests but doc is calling tomorrow for decision and it will be a quick turnaround due to nature of it! I have no idea what LP is so not sure what dpo I am, how do I work that out?

    Thx x
  • your Luteal Phase is the time from ovulation to your period, research has shown you are most likely to get a+ at 13DPO some can get on earlier and some later, x
  • Piggipops is right but if you need to know go ahead and do them but I would recommend going and getting some FR tests as I have gotten BFP 5 days early with them 3 different times.

    The only thing is if it is a BFN it may be too early yet :roll:
  • Thanks ladies, I think if it is a bfn this month then I will track things closer next month!
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