No Symptoms :(


I just wondered if anyone has got a BFP despite having no symptoms - I really dont feel we have done it this month and I have no symptoms at all, im not due on till next weekend, but feel like I am out of the race for this month already image xxxx


  • hiya! all the time lately lol, i think no symptoms is the new 'symptom' so its not over yet sweetie xxxxx
  • Close friendof mine said she had no symptoms whatsoever and was convinced AF was on the way, s cramping before she was due were her only symptoms.
    Every other month she wasn't pg she said sh had loads of symptoms lol
    So anyway I agree with mrs me no symptoms is new 'symptom' , I'll be excited the month I have no symptomsimage
    Best of luck
  • Hi hon, g/c here. The only symptoms I had were slightly sore boobs. I was tired & hungry but lo wasn't sleeping so was exhausted from him anyway, and I'm always hungry when I'm tired!! So take them out and it was just the boobs - but again he had been climbing all over me and very clingy so could have just been from him.

    Very little symptoms before my BFP, so you never know your luck!! Fingers are crossed for you; when are you due? Miss you!! xxx
  • hey

    i am still struggling to believe my BFP and part of that is that i don't have any symptoms.

    The only thing i have is since i find out i have had a really achey lower back... is that even a symptom?!

    So i think you should try and not worry too much about lack of symptoms but i know that is so easier said that done!

  • g/c

    both with ds and this time i ahd no symptoms at all, ds was a surprise and i only tested as was a week late, and this time we were ttc but i really didn't think we had done it as had more symptoms the month before and only tested as cycles were all over the place and the last wto months i had tested period had started that day so thought i'd test and get cd1 underway lol! no sickness or anything with either of them. only now am i beginning to get a bit more hungry and thats it only symptom i had with ds was ds himself lol.

    some people just don't egt any symptoms and some get the whole shabang!


  • Thanks ladies!

    Well it aint over till the witch arrives, Garfield - Miss you too hun! Hows the bump? image what forum can I find you in these days xxxx

    I should be due on next mon based on my last two cycles as they have only been 25 days long but before that cycles have been anything upto 31 days sooo could be anytime of the next week or so! xx
  • Hi BK

    Well as the others have said sometimes no symptoms can mean good news, hope this is your month hun.

    You will be excited for your wedding read on another thread your going to book registry office so when are you thinking of booking for? I agree with what you say weddings can be so expensive and it is personal choice you will have a great day whatever you decide to do you and your oh.

  • Hey SD - thanks for the post, its looking like being in October - 14 weeks away - arrggghh! will know for def tommorow though, I will be sure to post tommorow with definite details image xxxxx
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