Back from hols and puzzled!

Hi all,
congratulations to the BFPs there have been in the last week(did scroll back a bit to look last night but was knackered so if anyone can fill me in that'd be great).
As many of you know I had my third attempt at diy donor artificial insemination last thursday before I went away on the friday. This was d9 and I usually ov between D12-14, so it was an outside chance. BUT for someone who usually feels ov quite acutely I have had nothing!!!While away I have slept unbelievably soundly, despite sharing bed with my lo!!!, and I am clinging onto the hope that I may have ovd in my sleep!!!, but really don't think its very likely. I am also now on a tww that hasn't had a start date so I'm going to have to wait until d29 to test as my max cycle length has been 28 days.
Oh well, we had a good holiday and I suppose theres always next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:


  • Do you always feel ovulation? Maybe you did in your sleep if you do. It's very exciting.Keep us updated

  • Yes I do, didnt feel it late last year once but assumed that I hadn't oved as I am 39 and I think you tend to miss them now and again as you age!
    I believe congrats are in order for you katewi, well done, I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy!xx
  • glad you had a good holiday. fingers crossed for a bfp!

  • HI hjanea! glad you are back hun!!!!!!! Hope your holiday was great and fingers crossed for you. hopefully your 2ww will go quickly for
  • Hi hjanea, welcome back!!! I see you bought some more sunshine back with you!! Keeping fingers crossed for you xxx
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