Ever been caught???

The funniest thing happened this evening.

I have become addicted to any kind of baby programme on Tv ( Bringing Baby home, desperate midwives etc) and think nothing of switching it on even when I'm having my brekkie but always on my own..very careful that other half isn't about for fear that he would run a mile. Have always been fascinated with child birth and think it must come from when my brother was born suddenly at home (he was #6!) and my Dad delivered him and I saw my Mum in labour.

Anyway, tonight I was having a read of some of the posts on here and forgot that Desperate Midwives was on. OH came in from work and as he walked into the room :lol:was confronted with a full close up graphic view of baby crowning. He nearly died and I was so shocked that I had been caught that all I could do was laugh at my own stupdity as I fumbled with the remote to switch it over. Pure comedy moment!:lol:



  • Grrr, ate my post!!

    Is really funny though! Dh knows I watch stuff but isn't fussed to watch it himself; he was fine when I gave birth and says he doesn't want to watch a stranger screaming about it!!

    How's your oh been since?! xxx
  • hehehe...you make me giggle!!!!
    x x x
  • I'm still laughing!
    OH went out with the boys last night for a few pints and told me when he woke up this morning that he couldn't get that image of that thing (!) out of his head all night.
    He's fine about it though.
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