which folic acid to take???

hi girls,

i have been advised by other ladies on here to start taking folic acid now, as i am planning to ttc in august, last pill packet ending end of july.

i just typed folic acid into the net and loads of them came up! can i ask what are you all taking? i went on to the pregnacare site and pregnacare conception looks good... is that all i need to take or are there other supplements? my mind is boggleing, :\? whoever said this would be easy if you want to do it right!?!

thanks for any tips xxxx


  • Hi J20
    I was taking 400mg of folic acid, just a cheap supermarket brand but after a while I wasn't happy just taking that so I researched best supplements to take pre conc and I found Pregnacare. Thats what I am taking now, it's better because it provides you with other vitamins to give you a healthier balance and it's also recommended as being top of the list
    Good luck

  • hi maddie2008, thanks for the reply, i think i will go for the pregnacare one then if it's the best!
    baby dust and best of luck to you! xx
  • Good luck to you 2, fingers crossed for that BFP soon
  • Im taking Sanatogen Pronatal plus. the one with the omega 3oils for eye and brain development too, as I dont eat fish at all. xx
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