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Heya hun, couldnt help to notice on your other post youve said you have had 3mcs but 2 boys already....im the same have 2 boys no problems but since ttc for 3rd since last may ive had 3mcs...the last was almost 4wks ago and am in my 2ww now!!! Just wondering if u fancy swapping emails, would be fab to talk to someone in the same situation, kim xxxxx image


  • Sorry to butt in but I had a boss a few years ago (10+ years to be fair) who had 2 boys and then struggled to concieve again, randomly she continued to get pregnant but either miscarried or ended in eptopic - between drs and analysis they discovered that it was related to when she carried girls - something to do with hormones and only being able to carry boys.... she ended up having another boy no problems - but couldn't carry girls....

    There is no medical evidence to support this other than analysis afterwards...

    But is quite strange... and kind of makes sense in a way....

    I know it won't help you but wondered if it was worth sharing...

  • Hi Kim!

    Great to hear from you, and yes it wouldbe great to swap stories.....and obviously am very sorry to hear about your mc's - they really do knock you for six don't they.

    MrsJules74 - thanks also for that story about your boss - i didn't realise that there couldbe a hormone issue related to carry either girls or boys - and actually my sister in law said in feb when i had my last mc that maybe i just cant carry a girl..?? So there is some sense in it all!

    Kim my email is 'hope you got it!' - please feel free to contact me! I'm off to docs tomorrow to register this 5 week pregnancy and really want an early scan too!

    Take care


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  • Thanks jules, a few pple have said that to me...would be gutted though as oh would really love a girlie and so would i
    image Will have to wait and see i guess!!

    Thanks nat il drop u a mail soon, good luck at the docs hun...i ov on saturday...so am going to try and wait to af is late this time....well i will try!!! xxxx
  • can I just but in with a little word of advice? nooniem, you might want to take your email address off hun as its a public forum and anyone could get hold of it, not just members xx
  • Thanks Babybump4 - i'm far too naive!!

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