hi ladies- grateful for your advice please. I'm currently on CD19 of a 39 day cycle and for the last 4 days or so I've had gentle cramping in my lower abdomen - not paid just cramping really.
I've told myself i'm imagining it but honestly when I'm not thinking of it - it's there....also every so oftn I feel sickly (nothing major) but it does make me wonder....?
any suggestions? I'm not really sure when to test if I could be PG or not? how do I work out my dpo?
I'm had a pre-op assessment today for a laparoscopy (lap and dye) due to PCOS - at which the nurse said they wouldnt do a PG test until the day of the op really - so if I were pregnant it would be fantastic - although I am realistic!


  • Could it be ov pains?? Not sure what else to suggest really. sorry.
  • Hi bon79

    If this is the usual length of your cycles, can you figure out when you have ov previously? If you were having pg symptoms, likelihood is you would be arounf 7dpo. As that is around implantation time.

    I agree with dg, sound like ov pain, or pre-ov pain. I have had pain for days, but only got ewcm yesterday and today (tmi), with the majority of pain being yesterday.

    The earliest you can really test is 4 days before af due. Even then some get bfn's as HCG not high enough.

    Sorry can't be more help. xx
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