Ovulation Symtoms after Ovulation??

Hi ladies

This is my first time posting on this website so im a complete newbie!

Little bit about myself, i have PCOS, i concieved my 14 month old using clomid (ovulation induction drug) and am now ready for baby no2! I am on my first month of clomid and have been having scans throughout my cycle to track ov. I had a scan on cd22 and they said i had 3 big follicles and was about to ovulate probably that day. And i have been BBT temping too which confirms it was Thursday. Although, i keep getting ov signs since ov. Like pains in my right ovary (which is the ovary i ov'd from according to nurses) and still getting ewcm (although not as much). Is this normal to have such strong ov signs after ov??

Thanks for your help and i look forward to getting to know you all!

Danie x


  • Thanks so much for your reply Keri-Anne! Yes that helps alot thanks. I just wanted to be sure i wasnt ov'ing now, but im pretty sure im not. Fingers crossed testing time is positive!

    How long have you been ttc this time round?? The pic of your DD is lovely, shes very cute!

    I actually used to be on another board when i was ttc with my first (babycentre) which used to be very busy and lively, and like you, i made some friends for life. But the board went very quiet in the end, and the friends i made arent ttc now. So ive been looking for a new board this time round which is as busy as the one i used to go on with people in the same boat! Seems this may be the one!! ;o)

    Hope to get to know you all better!

    Thanks again for your message x
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