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does your temperature go up??

Hi girls,

may be a silly question but does your temps go up thru the day?

i just started doing temps - im 9dpo so I have no idea what my Normals are- but just thought i would get in the habit- it's been going up each day and even from morning to night? is that weird? or a good sign?? or am I just crazy?? (probably) ha ha


  • Hi

    Yes your temp will go up from morning to night. When you wake up in the morning and take temp your body has been 'at rest' for however many hours - once you get up and start doing stuff it will go up.

    As for going up each day I'm afraid its hard to tell when you have only just started temping. It could be a good sign if you are post ov but it could just be normal fluctuations.

    You'll get a better picture if you temp a whole cycle but fingers crossed you won't need to as you'll get a nice BFP instead!

    CJ x
  • Completely normal honey.

    Think its called a stair rise - are you reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Welschner? If not i'd recommend it as it really helps explain you BBT and all the other 'signs'.

    My BBT jumps after ov quite drastically about 0.5 degs but then remains up until AF rears her ugly head.

    Fingers crossed your temps stay up! xxx
  • Hi girls

    So would your temp usually drop the day AF arrives? Or the day before?

    I dont temp but i think i'm going to give it a go next cycle - but have no idea what i'm looking for!
    (sorry to crash your thread ally24)!!

  • hi. my temp rises up after ov. then it drops when af arrives. the morning af is due my temp drops, af usually arrives during the corse of the day. i think if you are pregnant your temp stays up. fingers crossed
  • no problem Broody!!! i'm new to the temping thing too- i'm using fertility friend and just seeing if this will make it finally be a BFP!!!!
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