10 day wait anyone???

Well have been pretty confused with my cycle since my mc a few wks ago.....have been doing opks and on satuday i got my positive followed by ov pains all of sunday...so really hoping i did!!!! Bd friday, sunday and monday so hoping we caught it!! Really want to wait til im a week late this time....but know im useless when it comes to not poas, so may need some hands to hold while im waiting, anyone else ov the same time?? kim xxxx image image


  • i think....and i say that loosely that i ov'd monday had masses of EWCM and cramps and cervix was def open.....but god knows with my cycles.
  • And where was MY txt lol!!! Woohoo hunny!!! Oh im all excited now....how are we guna be any help to eachother tho....dont poas, will only egg eachother on!!! xxxxxxx
  • ur txt!!! consider us even!!!!!!!
    Nope i'm not gonna let u tempt me with sparkly cups or anything i'm not testing ever i have none in the house and until a baby pops out i wont believe it!

    they pop out right?!
  • U know i love u really!!

    Im with u on that one....really want to wait another 3wks....so we can keep eachother strong then...not sure i can wait til im the size of a whale....think oh will get suspicous!!! Pop out, im sure i sneezed my last one out! xxxx
  • i might not even test then! my af's are still all over the place i worked out i'm on cd75 and i've been convinced i've ov'd a couple of time and nothing! no more guessing!
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