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Faint positives/evap lines - HELP!!!

Hi Ladies,

I wondered of anyone could help me with this, or at least give me your honest opinions. Af was due yesterday so (because I can't wait) did a test on Saturday morning on an Asda cheapy test and got a very faint positive.
I then went out and bought a whole load more tests including a Clearblue normal and a Clearblue digital which came back negative/not pregnant. So I thought the game was over for me.
As af didn't arrive yesterday I did another Clearblue normal this morning and again, got a faint positive.

I am really confused and don't know what to think! The 2 faint positives have been with firt pee of the day so wondered if that was making a difference. Any thoughts on this? I really don't want to get my hopes up but I can't help feel a tiny bit excited!


  • Hey hun, it sounds good to me.

    I don't want to put a downer on things but whenever I used clearblue normal I got evap lines and thinking they were faint positives would get really excited then af would turn up image

    Is it a thick line but faint? or is the line thin and faint?

  • I think the line is quite thin, but I haven't got anything to compare it to! I'm glad someone else has had this though, at least I'm reasonably normal!
  • Sorry hun, but I think I'd agree with what SB says... after doing a tonne of research online after getting 3 faint positives 2-3 days before my AF arrived, I have (personally anyway) come to the conclusion that evap lines are thin and that if it was a faint positive if would still be faint but a thick line.

    I keep going on about it, but I am convinced that there is something in our pee that gives these evap lines a few days before AF arrives - well for me that is what I believe happened last cycle. They say evap lines are due to a certain composition in your pee.

    I really wish that this wasn't the case, but on personal experience, I'd say they were evap lines.

    Sorry sorry sorry!

    Joo xxx
  • i don't really like the clearblues or any cross ones. They make my eyes go funny and as the others have said they show evaps quite a lot. I have had lines that were the same thickness as control line too but negative on another test.
    All i can suggest is try a test with a non cross test and not clearblue in couple of days and if comes back + then you have your answer. Sorry hun but nobody said this ttc lark was easy. Fingers crossed
    Filo x
  • Thanks for your replies and honesty girls, I would rather be prepared than convince myself then feel terrible when it doesn't happen.

    Anyway, since this afternoon I have poas twice, one was an asda own brand and the second a first response one. Both times I have got a faint positive within a minute or so.
    With the asda one it started off thick when it was wet but dried to be thinner, and with the first response one the line is fairly thin anyway but it was the same size as the control line. But again, both lines are faint - not so faint that you have to hold it to the light, squint or look at the test really closely or anything, but not as strong as the control line.

    I REALLY don't know what to think now!! I just want to know either way.
    Why is this getting pg lark so complicated??!!
  • I've got a CBD stashed away so I'm going to try that in the morning, so fingers crossed!
    Af was due yesterday so I'm praying and hoping the tests are right and I'm not actually going mad!
  • Just to update you, I did the second CBD this morning and it was positive!
    I am now very excited and booked an appointment at the docs for Monday!
  • congratulations and sticky babydust
    Filo x
  • Well done sallym!
  • Yay Congratulations Sallym!!! Really pleased I was wrong!!!
  • thats amazing news, congrats to you and your other half!!!
  • Thanks ladies! I really don't think the news has sunk in yet, I want to shout it from the rooftops, except I'm too tired! Fingers crossed that it sticks now.

    It's funny though that the first incling of a bfp came on an asda 2 for a pound test and the all singing and dancing CBD was still saying 'not pregnant'!

    I hope you're all on the cough syrup and agnus castus because I'm sure that's what did it for us. I've got my fingers crossed for all of you and am sending lots of baby dust.
  • fantastic news sallym - congratulations! x
  • imageTop one line came up straight away but tests were in boyfriends car so only just got a picture? Had a out 11 tests like this?

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