very, very silly but down ...

Hi girls,
OH working tonight which is fine, but just been round to my mum and dads for a meal. I know it sounds stupid but feel really down after speaking to them.
Been to the doctor this week and been told that I have possible PCOS, not confirmed by scan but not had a period since october!
Although that they don't know that we are TTC ing my mum has just told me that after years of problems conceiving that the doctor advised my mum never to go on the pill as it would cause further problems! (I have been on the pill for 10 years!) She did advise me not to go on it but I thought it was more a catholic thing/ I don't want my teenage daughter having sex thing!

This has now got me feeling, what damage have I actually done to my body!

Please god, I'm sure we'll make good parents! I know I've done some silly things regarding sexual health in my time but surely that doesn't predict whether I'll be a mum or not!

Sorry for the rant, I just feel like if I would have listened all those years ago it would have happened for us know!
It doesn't help that if we would have conceived our first month our baby would have been due now!

sorry again x


  • Hi hun,

    Just wanted to send you a big hug hun, I was on the pill a long time too. Try not to listen to what other people have to say, thats what I am trying to do anyway!!

    I hope you get some answers from your doctor and remember alot of women go onto to have healthy babies when they have PCOS.

    Good luck hun and hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • hi hun, jsut wanted to send big hugs and really hope you get that bfp very soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey honey-just wanted to send you lots of hugs and baby dust.
    x x x
  • I was on the pill for 8 years then stopped it...following month I was pregnant and now have an 18 month old girl so please don't worry! I have just come back off it again to ttc number two,
  • Hi wannabeamummy,

    Dont worry there is hope for everybody, one of my work colleagues has got PCOS, shes been trying for 3 years, she said she was about to have keyhole surgery (not completely sure what that is) and she found out she was pregnant. She is now 11 weeks!

  • Oh wannabeamummy,

    It will happen, as other people said, its very curerable! You will become a mummy in time xx (((((((((((((((((((((big hugs))))))))))))))))))))
  • Hiya my love didnt want to RIR

    You cant look back wishing you had done things differently! Crikey, if we all did that we would never get anything done!

    You are still at the very early stages of the testing by the sounds of things so try not to focus on all the negative stuff until the Drs actually confirm anything. There are a few people on here who have had trouble TTC after being on the pill so you are not alone.
    When I came off the depo injection 2 years ago I had the opposite problem and would bleed heavily for 40 days at a time then only have a short cycle and bleed again. I saw consultants etc and none could confirm endometriosis or PCOS etc and after about 18months of this my cycles just went back to 'normal'.
    It is a very worrying time but we are all here for you, take care, H x
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