Had a really vivid dream last night..

Where I was doing a CBD and it came up 'pregnant 1-2'. I've been having a slightly more chilled month this month after my big let down with SMEP last month but it's obviously still in my subconscious!

I was soooooo disappointed when I woke up and realised it was all just a dream :\(

I've had dreams where I've been pregnant before but this is my first where I actually dreamt about getting a BFP! Anyone else so obsessed they're dreaming about it?! :lol:


  • hia i had that dream a coupple of months back think its because we never stope thinking about it.x
  • Hi MrsRobertson, I too have been having vivid dreams. Sunday night I dreamt that I'd just given birth and decided to do a pregnancy test and it came up positive, and then Monday night I dreamt that I peed on every type of HPT you could think of and they all came up positive. The only one I didn't pee on was a CBD (don't ask my why!)
    Maybe it means something!? I am 12DPO today and testing on Saturday so fingers crossed for us both xxx
  • I had one of my own vivid dreams last night! I dreamt that I was pregnant and I had a HUGE bump, and I still had 3 months to go. I woke up freaking out that I won't have enough skin to cover an enormous baby bump! Oh the wonderful world of TTC!
  • the month I got a BFP I remember having really vivid dreams about doing the test / being pregnant, I do normally have weird dreams anyway but they were ALL something to do with being pregnant that month, maybe it's your bodies way of getting you ready!! image Fingers crossed!! xx
  • Hiya,

    I had a really strange dream last night that I was 5 months pregnant but only just got my bfp!!!! And the day before I had a dream with me getting my bfp...I hope its a sign!! lol xx
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