best time to do ovulation tests?

what time of the day is best to do them?


  • Hi hun, the best time is afternoon or early evening. Don't do them first thing in the morning as LH needs to build up in your system during the day and don't do them at night as it starts to break down again at night xx
  • i used to do them when i got home from work as i hadnt peed since lunch.
  • Hi
    I used the 10am and 10pm technique, that way you catch if the LH surge happens overnight or during the day, if you google it, it is highly recommended. I got my LH surge every month this way, as long as you dont use FMU, it should be fine. i'm nealry 4 months PG now and worked for me. Wilkinsons sell 5 for either 2.99 or 4.99. All the ladies ttc back in september all recommended this method, goodluck xxxx
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