The Nursery-any plans?

Hi ladies,

Don't know about you but I cannot WAIT to start nesting! I won't start until I feel safe to (I actually need to get pg first!!) but in the meantime I've been thinking about it a lot.

We have a two bed Edwardian place so not masses of room-the one room we don't sleep in is used as a walk in wardrobe/dumping ground/office so eventually we'll need to downsize what's in there to make room for a cot and changing unit etc. I can't get ENOUGH of Etsy though-got some gorgeous baby things on there. Really loving the idea of a wall transfer right now:[]=tags&includes[]=title

And I'm going to make a gorgeous patchwork quilt to keep me occupied in the evenings...

What plans do you have?




  • What sort of quilt are you making? Are you knitting it, or is it lots of stitching? Either way, i thik thats amazing, id love to be more like that.

    I love that transfer, ive been looking at alot of things like that, i saw a bunch in easy living a while ago.

    Etsy is more addictive than ebay!!

    I dont think im doing anything right now. Hmmm but you have given me some ideas!!!

  • I haven't really planned much about the nursery or design yet. Keep popping on websites lol but not really any firm ideas. Seen a high chair I want - was trying to find a link but can't remember where it is. It is used by all the hollywood a-listers and basially can be used from birth to 4 years. It's about #270 though!

    Our nursery is all clean and tidy just ready to be decorated and put baby stuff in!
  • hi,

    that transfer is amazing velvet quilt!
    i am going to be knitting a quilt or blanket type thing, which will keep me occupied!
    my OH wants to paint a muriel on one wall - but what it is will depend on the sex, once we find out.

    our nursery is currently the cats 'bedroom' - so not sure they will be best pleased to be chucked out! xx
  • LivvyS-hahahahaha! yes, our two cats also use our office/dumping ground for sleeping...on top of the wardrobe...on mine and hubby's desk-you name it!

    We're actually in the process of finishing decorating the house so we have to start thinking about how we're going to utilize the space we'll use as a nursery pretty soon-my FIL is a builder and he's being doing bits and pieces on the house as and when we could afford it.

    I really love the idea of fresh white walls with one yellow wall perhaps...maybe some grey accents (I love that yellow and grey combination!) and some kind of wall transfer. I think we'll keep it quite sex neutral anyway as we're not into heavy boy/girl stuff.

    I will be sewing the quilt on my little sewing machine. So far I've used it to make a few cushion covers for our bedroom and general clothes maintenance so I'm excited to be able to start collecting fabrics as soon as we get a BFP!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!!
  • Oh yes, this is somehting that I have definetly given a lot of thought to!

    We have my brother living with us at the moment, but he knows that he has to move out soon! The carpet is cream (silly colour really, but no one was supposed to be in there!), so I've painted the walls a dark beigey colour as I really like the netural colours look.

    I am in love with Loved and Adored range

    and also really love the I love my bear range

    I've even picked my pram, sterilser set and a few other bits and bobs!

  • very organised rainbow!!

    i think i'd go over the top pink or blue!!
  • well i already have a nursery, lo is 3 and when i fall preg we will make our other room into a "big girls " room and keep the nursery as it is.xxxxxxxxx
  • Rainbow my sis has I Love My Bear in her little girls room and it looks lovely! I have some pics and if I knew how to put them up I would but you will have to just trust me :lol: She had all the bedding/lampshade etc and wall transfers. She couldn't get the curtains to match because he windows were too big in babys room so went with a cream to match x
  • Aww BroodyBeth, please try and put them up, pretty pleassssssssssssssse!

  • :lol: Tell me how!! x
  • OK, first you have to upload them on to photobox or face book, then right click it, then go into properties and copy the link.

    Then come in to the post, reply (but not quick reply) paste the link in, the highlight it and click the img button - wallah!!
  • Not sure if this will work :\? if it does I'll try to add ones of the wall transfers xx

  • Grrr will try again :lol:

    You can't see the wall transfers very good, they were taken on my phone but you get the idea. xx

    Ah when I was getting these I found all the newborn baby pics and now feel extremely emotional :lol: xx

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  • Ooh BB is that M&P range? love that bear!!

    I havent really looked at much baby stuff to be honest I just want to get that BFP then I will go into baby mode/buying things etc but its still early days for us.

  • Aww BroodyBeth you little star, thank you so, so much, you've made my day image

    It really does look fab, before I had my mc I was pretty sure this was what my nursery would look like!

  • P.S If you get the Babies R Us book, they have a double page spread of all their ranges, it all looks so lovely!

  • There's nothing to stop you having it like that when you get your sticky bean hun! Though you might see something you like even more - there's that many gorgeous things out.

    SD it's babiesrus I love my bear. Nieces room - I haven't done a nursery just yet :lol: xx
  • Aww your neice's room is gorgeous BB!

    I LOVE this Humphrey's Corner if we were to have a boy...

    We had Humphrey with Ruby too, but the seaside theme.

    I also like the Gingerbread one by Mamas and Papas...
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