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another evap?!...piccy...


well my life is like a soap opera lol....
last night did a preggy test...why?!...cos its me haha......brought it pink line came up straight away...clearly....even hubby saw it...which was a shock for me haha...normally its a sqwinter test but he saw it so i thought hmmmm no?! it stayed pink for like till went bed....
woke up this am took piccy....
ihad blood test for last month which was period was 17th july...for 2 days...we bd 22nd, 25th, 26th, 29th of this month...i had my fair share of is this another?....done another and light pink line can be seen...very faint cant pic it up...

the quicker i get preggers the better cos i think my husband is LOL xxx:lol::lol::lol::\?image


  • im confused too! when did you ovulate?
    is it still to early to test? i ovulated around 26th July and am now on the 2ww.
    are you testing a bit early? xxxx
  • well i think ov around mon 26th but dont no for sure?...yes am testing way too early lol after getting my bloods made me just wanna test one! xxx
  • hi booey, sorry that youve been going through such a difficult time.

    I would stop using the ebay strip tests - I have heard quite a few ladies on other forums getting faint lines and not being pg. They seem to be confusing you even more as you have been getting these faint lines.

    Sorry not much help I know and hope youre ok xxx
  • yeah maybe ur right xx

    they are confusing aint they image xx

    thanks image

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  • ah honey i think its too early! we ov the same time so we can be 2ww buddies! step away from the tests, im thinking of testing around 10th august! xxx
  • Hi booey, just wanted to say i was getting evap lines last month and got my hopes up, i was using the tesco hpt. I found a really good webite i think it was and it had a lot of info on evap lines.

    Hope you get your bfp very soon x
  • thanks tilly28! xx
  • sorry g/c

    i used the ebay strip tests when i was pregnant and got a pos with all my pg 9-10dpo but i did alway use a cbd and thay have alway come up pregnant as well i only used the ebay ones coz there cheap and i keep poas and didnt wont 2 keep pay ??9 every time on a cbd.

    but like mrs waggy said it is still too soon 2 be poas as u onlu mite off ov on mon.

    good luck 2 all u ttc ladies and hope u get ur bfp very sn

    it feel like i was only here myself

    sarah,samuel 2 and layla 29wks x x x
  • May spound like a silly question but are you sure that's an hpt and not an opk booey? As I do see a pink line but like all the others ladies have said it's too early unless you ov'd really early on the 22nd even then you could only be 8dpo, hhhhmmmm it is confusing! :roll: The line I see in your pic is like a negative opk on my strips, very faint, but I do see one.
  • hi ya. . They+are+for sure Preg test. . Yes it is pink. . God knows. . Lol

    your as confused as me. . Yeah there is a line+for sure but where has it come from ha ha x X
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