I'm late!!!!!

Hi All,

Well it's that time again!!!! AF was due on Thursday and still waiting for the dreaded witch to find me.....

I am having sore boobs on and off at min and period pain that keeps coming and going, nothing else Oh and I am being really off with DH which isn't like me but could PMS! I've been wearing a towel since Fri because I was convinced AF would arrive any minute.... very strange.

Keeping my fingers crossed but not expecting to get caught this month as DH has low sperm count and hosp said that IVF is the next step for us!!!! I don't normally do this but I prayed on Thursday to get caught this month, sounds silly doesn't it?!!!! Don't know if it's worked but we shall see soon one way or another.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me

Spreading lots of babydust to everyone


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