Feeling a bit blue

I don't think we've done it this month...just a feeling. I saw a friends 15 day old baby boy yesterday and welled up after I got home.I just want this so much.
Also my friends mum passed away on the weekend and I only heard today, she is in such a bad way. Just quite a sad day today...
As usual...I am taking advantage of you to get it all out...sorry girls.


  • Ah pet I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mam. Try not to get too disheartened with TTC, my cousin took over a year to conceive and only got her BFP the same week she got an appt for investigations into hers and her hubby's fertility.
    Sending you hugs and a bucket full of baby dust! xx
  • Aw hun, sorry to hear that and don't apologise, that's what we are here for!
    Sending you lots of PMA xxx
  • Aw hun, sorry to hear that and don't apologise, that's what we are here for!
    Sending you lots of PMA xxx
  • Hiya Huni,
    I can totally sympathise. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends mum and seeing someones new baby is always heart breaking because it's such mixed emotions, if your close to them your so happy for them but it still hurts, especially if you have been trying a long time. I have no words of wisdom of how to cope i'm going through a low period myself but i just keep telling myself it will all work out some how or some way i will hold my little baby and you will too. xxxxx
  • I'm sorry to hear you are having a sad day image Keep your chin up... sorry to hear about your friend, I really hope she is ok, nothing worse than loosing a family member is there? image

    I hope you get your bfp soon! I know how you feel about seeing friend's babies.... it makes me cry too. My brother and sister in law have a gorgeous 6 month old baby who I saw last weekend and it made me so depressed when I got home image

    Lots of hugs and tons of baby dust heading your way!!!! xXx
  • Thanks everyone...well I am spotting so AF is on it's way...just knew it!
    But PMA is coming back again...I seem to need a few bad days and then I'm raring to go again! image
    Off to the cinema to see New Moon and take my mind off things.

    My friends mums funeral is on Wednesday, I spoke to her today and she just said she is taking one day at a time. Luckily she has her sister with her now so she is not on her own...not much you can say really. Would not know how I would cope.

    Lots of love to you all xxx
  • Oh hun try and keep your chin up. I know it is a lot easier said than done.
    We were trying for our little one for a long time too and all the way throughout trying everyone around me seemed to be getting pregnant.
    6 ladies at work got pregnant, 1 didn't even try it was a drunken unprotected night with her husband. All while we were trying to concieve ourselves. This got me really down and I just felt as though it would never happen for us. It got me really down to the point where I would just sit and cry about it,
    Then low and behold I got pregnant myself. I couldn't believe it.
    It does show though that it will happen in the end and that you are never alone on this.
    We are all here for you hun whenever you need to vent xx
  • Didn't want to read and run and glad that you're feeling a bit more positive.

    As everyone's said, we all get like this at some point, but that's what us ladies on here are for, to support each other. One of the most difficult things I find is not telling people that we're trying - it's also kind've unspoken between hubby and me (mainly so we keep bd-ing fun and no hopes are raised) so coming on here and chatting to others who have gone through or are going through the same feelings and experiences is a god-send!

    Chin-up hon, at least you've got another month of trying ahead of you!!
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