Luteal Phase Defect

The internet is VERY bad. I have now managed to convince myself I've got Luteal Phase Defect (LPD).

If AF arrives this month, depending on what CD, I'm going to see the Doctor straight away!!!



  • how long is your LP mrs joo? xxx
  • Oh honey please do not worry ok, how long have your Luteal Phase been?

    K xx
  • Last month it was 10-days and the two previous months it was 12-days!
  • I think i've read under 10 can make it more difficult. Implantation usually happens 6-12dpo so you should be ok! Are you deffo sure you havent ov earlier than you think? xxx
  • Positive ladyinpink - this month, the first EWCM I noticed was on CD13, I had none on CD14 and a tiny bit again on CD15.
    But the previous two months, I did OPKs and got positives on CD14, and then negatives on CD15.

    I hate the Dr I am registered at - its rubbish as they are only open 8.30 to 12.30!!! I need to change to a Dr that has after work appointments.

    Will ring them 2moro for an appointment at the middle of next week...

  • Good luck hun, hope you get it all sorted, fingers crossed all will be ok xxxx
  • I have read anything under 10 days is a problem so i would say your ok, you said you are normally 12 days so i would say you are ok honey?

    Keep an eye on it and like you said maybe changing doctors and then going to see somebody if they keep getting shorter?
    K xx
  • Hi hunny,

    My luteal phase was only 8-9 days consistently for 6 months after coming off the pill and I got my BFP at the beginning of May so don't lose heart - 10 days is still long enough for implantation to happen. If the pill isn't totlaly out of your system it can cause your LP to be short. Are you taking your temperatures every morning cos that's the only way of telling exactly when you did ovulate? I went to my doc's at the beginning of April as I was sure I had LPD but they don't seem to really acknowledge it as a problem - she just told me to chuck away the ov sticks and thermometer and to bd every 2-3 days and it worked for me! Hope that helps in some small way, I know how easy it is to freak out when your LP is on the short side but if I can do it with an LP on 8-9 then hopefully it won't be a problem for you. Sending you lots and lots of sticky babydust, Em xx
  • mine was anthing from 10 to 12 days and when i had spotting on 8dpo in april i thought af had found me and made an appointment with the doc. spotting didnt come to anything and i got bfp on 11dpo. so it is possible Joo.

    hope that helps

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