TTC help

Hi Ladies,
I was wondering if you could help were wanting to TTC and we get married in 8 weeks. If i was to fall PG this month i would technically be 9 wks by that time. I know ob that it could take months. My question is if we were to get PG would i be showing by then? My dress alows for an inch or so around stomach.


  • when i was preg with my son i didnt find out until i was about 10 week and there wasnt a bump in sight or even a bit of podge :lol:

    im sure you would be fine for your wedding x
  • Thanx grudie, i thought this coz ppl dont normally tell any1 till they are 12 wks. Just got worried as i read on a thread ladies were showing at 6 weeks...
    Does the doc count from your last period how many weeks you are? if so you can understand y so many babies are late. xx
  • yeah chick they count from the first day of your last period lol all a bit confusing there like haha

    hhmmm not sure about showing at 6 weeks,not sure the bean is big enough to make a difference,maybe more bloated than baby bump and i was huge with my son also, but he was a bigger baby x
  • Yeh prob just water and bloating. When did you start showing? x
  • i would prob say about 4 months you could see it was more baby than a bit of flab,totally different shapes i found

    and from then on i got bigger and bigger lol i was due in may and everyone said oh no way your going until then etc etc i think they have your dates wrong.......9 days over due and a june baby :lol: teach me not to listen to them haha x
  • I found that from about 7 weeks I stopped fitting into some of my work trousers, but it's not bump at this point it's just bloating - more so in the evenings or after eating.

    I do think that most people get fairly bloated in early pregnancy but it varies from person to person.

    Kat xx
  • Thanx ladies, so if it did happen straight away then i should be ok. Ppl will just think ive eaten a bit too much wedding cake if! Did your boobs get bigger straight away? x
  • my boobs were bloody killing me lol i'd never felt so relieved to get my bra off when i got home :lol:

    im not sure they got that much bigger that early on maybe the pain made then 'feel' bigger

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