Update on Scan today

Well, I went for my scan today and I was nervous as anything because of the spotting I had been having for the last 3/4 days.

Although it was a very early scan at 5 weeks, they could see the sac and the yolk in it, which hadn't yet turned into an embryo. The cause of the bleeding apparantly is because I just found out today that I have a bicornuate uterus, which they felt was causing the bleeding. Just been googling it now as I have never heard of it, and it hasnt been picked up in my previous 2 scans when I had my last mc.

A bicornuate uterus (a womb with two 'horns'), instead of the womb being pear-shaped, it is shaped like a heart, with a deep indentation at the top. This means that the baby has less space to grow than in a normally shaped womb.A bicornuate uterus is heart-shaped with two joined cavities whereas a typical uterus has a single cavity.

This in turn means that one side of my uterus is pregnant with sac, and the other side is kinda acting independently and shredding its lining - thus causing the bleeding. The doctor also said that as a result, it is likely I will experience bleeding throughout my pregnancy.

The doctor said that most women go to full term, but I have read that this type of uterus can cause miscarriage and early labour. Jeezo.

She said she was happy the way things were progressing just now, and has booked an appt for another scan in 2 weeks time, on the 19th June.

So I am a bit relieved that my bean is still there, but it is very early days, and I am still a bit scared with the whole uterus thing and what that means.



  • Oh susan i am soooo pleased you are sooo preg, I came on here today looking for you. I know it is early days but at least we know now the problem and the doctors will be able to keep an eye on this for you.

    I am sooo pleased for you image
    K xx
  • So glad beany and you are ok. Really good to see they are monitoring it all closely and seeing you again in 2 weeks, must be reassuring for you.

    Good luck and hope you can relax a little bit more xx
  • Thank you K and SB. The sonographer did comment that the sac was in the right place, so I am happy with that.
  • And thats the good thing image I reckon you will be just fine, all that is needed is for everything to be taken one day at a time image

    K xx
  • So pleased that your little bean is there and Its good that they have found out about the bicornate uterus as now they will be able to monitor you more closely. Good luck!!!!!!
    Helen xxxxx
  • Ah im so pleased your lo is still there and they can look after you now! xx
  • so pleased that your little bean is there! I am sure all will be fine, but it is always more worrying i know after a mc, take care love chocolate cake xx
  • I am really pleased your little bean is okay. As everyone has already said its good that they are monitoring everything and you are in good hands. I hope it all goes well for you. x
  • thank you LIP, hjanea, Shell and Choc.

    I'm gonna forget about the uterus thing, and just concentrate on getting to the next scan and enjoy being pg.
  • Im so glad that your little bean is hanging on in there! Ive been wondering all day about you. xx
  • Oh thanks Debbie, that means a lot to me. Sending you lots of baby dust xx
  • So happy to hear that everything went well with your scan today. Hope you have a healthly 9 months from now. xxx
  • Glad to hear you little bean is still there,good luck with everything.x
  • sevans!!!! I'm so thrilled for you. Your little bean is in there still and safe.
    I came on with my fingers crossed!! Hope you are feeling much better now hunny. Cuddles, megs xx
  • I am feeling a lot beta,really relieved- thanks megs. It is just fingers crossed that it continues to keep healthy.

  • Susan, I can only echo what the other ladies have said - I am really pleased that your little beanie is still there and I'm keeping everything crossed that its a good strong sticky sticky one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • so pleased that your bean is still there and they know why youve had bleeding. take care x
  • Fantastic news, your bean is there and hanging on tight. I bet most woman with the bicornate uterus don't ever know they have it. I could explain why i hear of so many women having a period through their pregnancy.
    take care of you. maxi xxx
  • hun im so pleased for you, it must b such a relief knowing there keeping a reasuring eye on you too, have a nice relaxing 9 months!!! xxxxxxx
  • thats good news then sevans. I know you'll prb worry til then but as you said try and concentrate on the postives and fingers crossed all will be ok in 2 weeks time. Sounds like you've got a strong bean there!
    Filo x
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