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can someone look at this pic please

im only on cd6, did an opk just now and it looks as though it is just off from being positive? i dont believe how screwed up my cycles are, how can you possibly be ready to ovulate this early in a cycle, i have had no cm and we havent even bd yet. I want to cry

[Modified by: sammie xx on 31 January 2010 13:28:15 ]


  • it hasnt worked, i will try again lol
  • hi sammie, looking forward to seeing your pics, as i had a 'positive' on CD10 and wasnt sure what to think! xx
  • cant wait to see the pic, hopefully you'll just be on a short cycle and you can get your BFP earlier than normal!!!

  • I ov'ed super early this cycle too- about cd 9!!

  • i also had another 'surge' the week after, so not sure which one i actually ov'd on! i had no CM either, but using sasmar (boots version of pre seed) so should be ok! xx
  • i still cant get it to post the picture or the link, stoopid computer
  • just looked at the pic, its a bit fuzzy, but from what i can make out, its not quite there yet. it has to be as dark as the control line and has a few day to go i'd say. xx

  • Yeah hun I agree with Livvy- that's not positive but it isn't far off.


  • its really hard to tell, as it is out of focus! i was using superdrug OV tests, so not sure if the cheapy ones are any less sensitive or show up lighter? mine last week, on CD 10 was darker then your line, but still not quite as dark as the control line. i took it to be OV, as you can miss the absolute 'peak' as its only a few hours long and i test at 5.30pm each night.
  • yay it worked at last, my camera isnt very good so when i take close up pictures thay always come out quite fuzzy.
    I generally get a line like this one the day before i get a line that is defo positive (darker than the control line) and then the day after i get my ov pains so it looks as though this cycle will only be 22 days long!!
    I got very very faint bfp's last cycle but then af started 2 days early, i tested with an opk a couple of days ago and it was very very faint and i also did another hpt just to make sure and that was bfn aswell. x
  • yeah i used the 10 miu tests. Athough my af was short it was quite heavy in the beggining, bright red blood and (sorry tmi) it had a lot of clots in it. I did another hpt and it was a bfn so i just assumed that i was either having a chemical pg or the tests i was using were just dodgy and i was seeing evap lines xx
  • I use the same OPK's as you, sammie and I had a positive a couple of days ago and the test line was definitely darker than that, and really obviuosly darker than the control line. I would say that is the beginning of your LH surge, I had similar looking test on the other end of ov, i.e. the tail end of my surge.
  • yeah that is exactly what happens with me, i just think that a 22 day cycle is far too short and we have bd or anything yet image i usually have anything between a 27 day and a 30 day cycle i have never had a cycle so short before. I was expecting a few days of bd'ing over the next few days then to get my positive over next weekend. Its a good job really that i did an opk today or else i may have missed my surge xx
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