Hi girls me again

I should be OV around the 16th and 17th of thi smonth ( I am just thinking I will have a 28 day cycle as I have just come off the pill so have no idea when it will happen again)

Now if I bd next weekend and I know this is a rough question because everybody is different - how long after OV can some people start to feel signs? I think I will have to be careful as I heard signs coming off the pill are just the same as being preg so that will mess with my head a little but I was just wondering how early after OV could you get signs you are preg?

Thanks xxxxxx


  • Hi,
    Yes you do have to be careful with getting symptoms confused with coming off pill and being pg.
    I came off the pill on 4th Feb 08 and it took 41 days for af to show. Before hand I had convinced myself I was getting pg symptoms but was just my body adjusting to being starved of all that crap the pill contains.
    On cycle 2 i ov around the 6th-9th April and then went onto get my bfp on 22nd April albeit I had no symptoms that i was pg whatsoever.x
  • i thought it would be like that. I did not want to start getting all excited for no reason. As I have had a really bad belly I was worried that this will mess up my changes for trying but there is not very much i can do about that.

    How did you feel coming off the pill. When you came off did you have your last pill period and then start trying or did you wait till you had a natural period and then try?

  • I didnt feel too bad in myself after coming off the pill. I had been on it for 12 yrs. I was most worried about putting on weight which i managed to avoid.
    I came off the pill on 4th Feb 08, had my withdrawel bleed and started taking folic acid. We were originally going to wait 3 months to let my cycles adjust but after several days we decided to just let nature take its course and started having unprotected sex.
    Well my first natural af arrived 41 days later on 18th March and I was lucky enough to get my bfp on 22nd April.
    I didnt expect it to happen uite so quickly. I thought being on the pill for so long would delay things but obviuosly not.x

  • Wow thats brill image i am hoping I will be one of the lucky ones and fall right away? If I had a tummy bug do you think this would affect my chances of falling preg?

    Sorry for so many questions
  • Not overly sure on that one. I wouldnt of thought so. Only maybe due to the fact you maybe wont want to bd as often if your not feeling to well, haha!
    Are you trying for your first?xx
  • Yeah can you tell LOL i am so lost and the biggest worrier there is. I have had such a awful couple of weeks with being ill missed period and all sorts so been soo worried about myself.

    I know it might not happen right away but i heard some girls are super fertile when they first come off the pill so i have been worried this belly bug would stop me from having that first chance.

    I came on Sat 3rd so should be OV around the 16th or 17th so just wanted to make sute it was all right you know.

    K xxx
  • All I can suggest is try not to stress about it. Just stay relaxed about the whole ttc thing. (easier said than done!)
    This forum is great and the girls are all brill. So many experiences and advice to learn from.
    You may find you cycles are a bit all over the place and might not recognise when you ov so just try and bd every other day (again easier said than done!)hahaha.
    That way you have it all covered.
    Good Luck with it all, look forward to hearing about your bfp.x
  • Thanks honey I have chilled a bit about it now my Af arrived on Saturday so I know I am ok. I will take it as it comes and see what happens. Everybody on here have been sooo sweet I am so pleased i found this siteimage

    k xxx
  • HIya, I'm in the same situation as you, just come off the pill at the same time but straight away having a withdrawel bleed that seems to be lasting forever.

    Think thats my impatience though, lol! Last time i ttc was ten years ago and had been on the pill for a couple of years and it took me only two months for my bfp. So fingers crossed for us both that its going to happen soon!

    Try not to worry though because I'm sure that makes things worse. The tummy bug shouldnt affect your chances at all.

    Good luck!!
  • Thank you so much, you know at times all it takes is somebody to say that to me and I am happy image I have looked up a few things and just sawmy belly bug should not affect it so I am over the moon.

    My AF only last a day which i was really shocked about but then again it never goes on that long. It was heavy though but that could be the af i missed last month.

    I have everything crossed for us image when will you be OV?

    K xxx
  • Glad your minds at rest! I should be ov around the 16th, thats if my body is back in working order...dont know how long it will take this time. I'm 31 but get paranoid that the older i get the longer its going to take.

    Keeping those fingers crossed!ximage

  • Look luck MrsRich, I am just waiting till I feel all the signs of coming off the pill I check everything everyday to see if anything feels or looks different LOL

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